Advanced Measurement & Analysis

Collaborative Project with the Advanced Measurement & Analysis Group, Inc. (AMAG), Canada

Project duration: 2009 - 2013

This work was conducted in collaboration with the Canadian company Advanced Measurement and Analysis Group Inc. (AMAG), which conducts flow measurement of critically important parameters in nuclear power plants around the world, under high temperature and high radiation conditions. For these measurements, AMAG uses non-intrusive ultrasonic cross correlation flow meters developed by the company.

Ultrasonic cross correlation flow measurement is based on measuring the transport velocity of turbulent coherent structures (eddies) within the flow, by detecting how these structures affect ultrasonic waves. Achieving traceability of cross correlation flow measurement requires a thorough understanding of turbulent pipe flow and turbulent flow in general. Prior to this work, no adequate mathematical model of cross correlation flow measurement was available.

In this work, an original mathematical model of cross correlation flow measurement was developed, based on rigorous analysis of space-time development of a velocity field and vorticity field in turbulent flow. This model describes the effect of flow conditions on ultrasonic cross correlation flow meter output. Laboratory testing was conducted to validate the model. Results of numerical simulations based on the model are in good agreement with laboratory test results. This model provides a basis for uncertainty analysis of cross correlation flow measurement, and its traceability to accepted industry standards, by describing the effect of various flow parameters and meter design parameters on flow measurement. Some of the results of this work are being used in industry today. 

Alexander Gurevich completed research project in this area and successfully defended his PhD Thesis “Modeling of Cross Correlation Flow Measurement Systems in July 2013 at the DMU Centre of Engineering Science and Advanced Systems (CESAS).



Nonintrusive ultrasound cross-correlation flow meter (AMAG Inc.)



Developed synthetic turbulence model was used in simulation and optimization of ultrasound cross-correlation flow meter (AMAG Inc).




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