Social Computing

Social Computing describes any use of ICTs in a way that connects people and promotes social activities amongst users. This encompasses technologies and societies that are based around everything from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter through to email, blogs, forums, chat, and games, etc. Social computing has a rich history (BBSes, newsgroups, etc.), and is now one of the biggest industries on the Internet, as well as being a tool of political change in places like North Africa and the Middle East. This thematic group seeks to look at ways that people interact with each other using technology, and the ethical and social responsibility issues that come with the design, development, and use of these technologies.

Areas of Interest

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Online activism and “slacktivism”
  • Anonymous networks (e.g. Tor, Bitcoin)
  • Communities and culture on the internet (e.g. hacker culture, video game culture, etc.)
  • Online child protection
  • Ethical issues such as privacy, identity, accessibility, informed consent, etc.


This group would meet regularly to discuss:

  • Current affairs (with potential for releasing comments/etc.)
  • Cotential papers
  • Getting the CCSR involved in social media (social media strategy)
  • Potential funding



  • Catherine
  • Sara
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