Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D)

ICT4D makes reference to the use of ICTs for purposes of social and economic growth and development. In most cases the term is mainly used when referring to so-called emerging and/or developing countries use of ICTs in areas like health, education, business, government or when simply referring to the use of ICTs for human or rural development among others. Labels like e-health, e-learning, e-commerce, e-government and so on are often used to suggest areas where ICTs can be applied. A number of our PhD students are undertaking research in some of these areas focussing on different geographical localities. As such there is need to understand a few things for this thematic group to be meaningful and to be able to effectively utilise the diverse research capabilities on offer:

Take stock of existing research projects:
Taking stock of existing research projects which should help identify which research projects fall under the ICTD thematic group. Such identification will allow for the group to be more focussed in its future plans related to e.g meetings, discussions, funding, collaborations between and among students including supervisors.

A consideration of students perspectives:
Students will need to be consulted from an early stage in:
To succeed, student buy-in will be necessary. Students involvement at this stage is important in order for them to feel they are part of the decision making process or at least that they have a say in defining their research areas and how they would want to collaborate.

Research office awareness:
Research Office awareness of the CCSR thematic groups will be important particularly as they would be in a better position to pass on information to potential new and interesting students who may otherwise be ending up with other research groups. If they have this information, chances are that they may be directing more students who reflect our interests our way. In addition, it may be worth putting our research interests on the CCSR website.


  1. Mobile phones and development 
  2. Impact of social networking media on development 
  3. ICTs, education and development 
  4. ICTs, ethics and development 
  5. Technologies and healthcare in the developing world 
  6. Emerging technologies and development 
  7. Gender and development

Internal functioning of the group (communication, meetings)

To begin with a monthly meeting would probably suffice where topics of interest such as collaborations, funding can be discussed.



  • Kutoma
  • Ben 
  • Neil
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