The Incoming Fellow, Professor Sifeng Liu from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is the world leader in Grey Systems and will be hosted by Dr Yingjie Yang of the Centre for Computational Intelligence, De Montfort University, Leicester. Professor Liu and Dr Yang will undertake systematic research to address grey model selection and calibration, new grey models considering non-homogeneous exponential growth, multiple variables and fractional derivataives and improving grey decision making by introducing grey rewards, taking into account the significance of information sources and considering the impact of past and future rewards. This research has the potential to overcome many difficulties associated with existing grey models and promote the application of Grey Systems in Europe. It has the potential to make a significant impact in the field of data mining within Europe and help the European Union achieve their Smart Growth targets. 


To advance the knowledge of Grey Systems and its applications to data mining in Europe.

The specific objectives of this project shall be satisifed by a series of work packages yeilding deliverables to met a schedule of milestones.



  1. To propose a set of criteria for grey model selection and calibration under different conditions.
  2. To construct a new grey prediction model considering non-homogeneous exponential growth, multiple variables and fractional derivatives.
  3. To establish a fractional-order grey target decision model with grey rewards, different significance of information sources and the impact of past rewards and future expectations.
  4. To develop a case study for the proposed models in the area of R&D management of complex products.
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