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Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D Printing) has been hailed as a ‘new industrial revolution’.

Additive manufacturing (AM) expertise enables objects of almost unlimited complexity to be manufactured directly from Computer Aided Design (CAD) data without tooling. The process works by the precise addition of material in layers to form the object and is often referred to as rapid prototyping or layer manufacturing. Increasingly this technology is being adopted for the manufacture of production parts in low volumes. Machines are now commercially available that can process plastics, metals and ceramics, and new developments in the field will increase the speed and quality of parts produced.


To develop the next generation of AM processes which will enable low volume and even individually customised parts of the required quality to be produced in an economically and environmentally sustainable way. The results of this work will be exploited through strong industry links and disseminated via undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.


Digital manufacturing of end-use parts is the key focus of the research conducted by the AMTG:

  • Application of AM and associated techniques (Rapid Tooling, Reverse Engineering, High Speed Machining etc.) to reduce product development lead-times and cost
  • Development of new AM processes through to proof of concept
  • Rapid manufacturing of high volume components using a combination of layer manufacturing and high speed printing technology
  • Application of AM techniques in the field of surgery including protocols for generating higher accuracy CT scan data.

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Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Mechatronics
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