Postgraduate research

We are pleased to offer research degree opportunities to well qualified graduates and experienced professionals wishing to pursue research in subjects relevant to sustainable development.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees can be pursued either by full-time or part-time research in the Institute or from a research base elsewhere.

A wide range of projects is available in the physical sciences, social sciences and trans-disciplinary areas.

Research degree students are mentored by international experts in a wide range of subject areas.

To find out more about any of the opportunities listed above, please contact Professor Mark Lemon:

T: +44 (0)116 257 7977

Completed PhD Students:

  • Stephen Porritt: Technologies for Coping with Extreme Weather Events. 2012.
  • Aliyah N Z Sanusi: Low Energy Ground Cooling System for Buildings in Hot and Humid Malaysia. 2012.
  • Rob Liddiard: Data structure and uncertainties associated with anon-domestic building stock energy model. 2012.
  • Candy He: Transient Three Dimensional Finite Volume Borehole Heat Exchanger Model and Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems: 2012
  • Dr Tom White: Attitudes towards Climate Change Knowledge structure and the role of interventions in attitude change. 2011.
  • Dr Ivan Korolija: HVAC system energy demand coupling with building loads for office buildings.2011.
  • Dr Caroline Wilson: The role of communication in encouraging sustainable behaviour. 2011.
  • Dr Sherif Ezzeldin: Mixed-Mode Cooling Approaches To the Design of Office Buildings in Arid Climates.2011.
  • Dr Graeme Stuart: Energy monitoring local authority buildings. 2011.
  • Mr Michael Coleman: An Investigation into the Electrical End Use Patterns of Entertainment and Information Technology in UK Homes.2011
  • Dr Dirk Pietruschka: Model Based Control and Optimisation of renewable energy based HVAC Systems. 2010.
  • Dr Andrew Reeves: Achieving deep carbon emission reductions in existing social housing: the case of Peabody. 2009.
  • Dr Agnieszka K Psikuta: Development of an 'artificial human' to determine the dynamic thermophysical properties of clothing under real-life conditions. 2009.
  • Dr Vasco N G Ferreira: The identification of energy saving opportunities in municipal buildings through the analysis of time-series energy and water consumption data. 2009.
  • Iraklis Argyriou: The Measurement and Monitoring of Local Greenhouse Gas Emissions (MPhil). 2009.
  • Dr Franz-Dominik Treikauskas: A novel design of an absorber for solar-thermal systems with provision for new materials and production processes. 2009.
  • Dr Andrew Wallace: Reducing Carbon Emissions by Households - the Effect of Footprinting and Personal Allowances. 2009.
  • Dr Raul F Ajmat: Precision Daylight and Thermal Modelling of Shading Devices. 2008.
  • Dr Achim Haller: The Performance of a Regenerative Heating and Cooling System in a Multi-Purpose Building.2008.
  • Dr Lok Shun Apple Chan: Optimisation of Piping Network Design for District Cooling System. 2008.
  • Dr Kerry L Kirwan: Social-psychological aspects of domestic renewable energy: A study of low-income tenants' responses to solar photovoltaics. 2008.
  • Dr Peter J Boait: Control and management of domestic energy systems using telecommunications.2008.
  • Dr Katy Beadle: Analysis of the design process for low-energy housing. 2008
  • Dr Kwong-Fai Fong: Optimized design and energy management of Heating,Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems with Evolutionary Algorithms.2007.
  • Dr William Wright: A Methodology for Representing Low and Zero Carbon Technologies in Home Energy Ratings. 2007.
  • Dr Greig A Mill: The Performance of UK Ethical Investment Funds. 2007
  • Dr Keith J Baker: Sustainable Cities: Determining indicators of domestic energy consumption. 2007.
  • Dr Tobias Zitzmann: Adaptive Modelling of Dynamic Conjugate Heat Transfer and Air Movement using computational fluid dynamics.2007
  • Dr Christoph J Trinkl: A domestic solar/heat pump heating system incorporating latent and stratified thermal storage.2007.
  • Dr Uwe Schürger: Investigation into Solar powered adsorption cooling systems. 2007.
  • Dr Claudia Bernardini: Understanding the relationship between people and nature for urban sustainability: contribution of place identity and environmental representation.2007.
  • Dr Robert D Wall: Psychological and contextual influences on travel mode choice for commuting. 2006.
  • Dr Steven K Firth: Raising Efficiency in Photovoltaic Systems : High Resolution Monitoring and Performance Analysis. 2006.
  • Dr Melody A Stokes. Removing barriers to embedded generation: a fine grained load model to support low voltage network performance analysis. 2005.
  • Dr Yingchun Ji: Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling of displacement natural ventilation. 2005.
  • Dr Kuskana Kubaha: Asymmetric radiant fields and human thermal comfort. 2005.
  • Dr Uli Jakob: Investigations into solar powered diffusion- absorption cooling machines. 2005.
  • Dr Peter Webber: Regional and local energy and greenhouse gas emissions management: Modelling, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.2004
  • Dr Benjamin P Cartmell: A multi-operational, combined PV/thermal and solar air collector system: Application, simulation and performance evaluation. 2004
  • Dr Birgit Painter: Driver Exposure to Particulate Matter: Field Study, Data Analysis and Modelling. 2004.
  • Dr Kevin I Turpin: Characterisation of Vehicle drive cycles for peak hour traffic: implications for emissions modelling. 2004
  • Dr Jose Hernandez de Pedro: As Solar Combi-heating System for Prefabricated Housing in th UK. 2004.
  • Dr Sara L Batley-White: The impact of domestic electricity supply competition on the application of renewable energy technologies in the UK. 2003
  • Dr Helen M Chadwick: Planning decision support tools for sustainable development and renewable energy.2003.
  • Dr Azza Nabil: Performance Modelling for Advanced Envelope Systems.2002.
  • Dr Stuart J Gadsden: Predicting the Solar Energy Potential of Domestic and Office Buildings. 2001.
  • Dr Paul Cropper: Predicting time-varying illuminance in complex spaces with innovative glazing and lighting systems. 2001
  • Dr Gerrit Hoefker. Desiccant Cooling with Solar Energy. 2001.
  • Dr Xiangyu Sheng: Application and Validation of Air Dispersion Model in Urban Environment. 2000.
  • Dr John Mardaljevic: Daylight Simulation: Validation, Skymodels and Daylight Coefficients. 2000.
  • Dr David M Orte: Thermal Simulation of Passive Downdraught Evaporative Cooling (PDEC) in Buildings. 2000.


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