Sustainable Energy for Developing Countries


Title ESCOBox


 P I Dr Rupert Gammon

De Montfort University - Lead, Access Energy, Newcastle University, University of Nairobi, Practical Action, Institute of Development Studies, BBOX, Ashden

The ESCoBox project aims to develop and test a system for remote monitoring, cashless billing and smart control of renewable energy-based micro-grids that provide productive levels of energy to promote wealth-creation in poor communities.


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Title OASYS South Asia                                         




P I Prof. Subhes Bhattacharyya
Sponsor(s)  EPSRC/ DfID

De Montfort University - Lead, University of Dundee, University of Manchester, Edinburgh Napier University, The Energy and Resources Institute, TERI University

OASYS is an EPSRC/ DfID funded collaborative research project focusing on decentralized off-grid electricity generation in Developing countries: Business Models for off-grid electricity supply (EP/G063826/2). Our aim is to identify solutions that are techno-econominally viable, institutionally feasible, socio-politically acceptable and environmentally sound.


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