Mental Health and Disability

Our research is encapsulated by four overarching, but inter-related themes which address important issues in disability, mental health and wellbeing: improving access to services/interventions, user involvement, practice and service development, cultural diversity and inclusion. We work with researchers and practice colleagues from NHS and voluntary sectors and also with researchers nationally and internationally. 

Our current works involves the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities and mental health needs. The main areas of our work involve:

  • User involvement in mental health service design and evaluation through SUCRAN (Service User and Carer Research Network)
  • User and Carer perspectives 
  • Emotional wellbeing and resilience of children and young people with learning disabilities
  • Ageing and dementia care
  • Mental health needs of people with intellectual disabilities
  • Physical health care of people with intellectual disabilities
  • Access to psychological therapies and psychosocial interventions
  • Ethnicity, culture, disability and mental health discourse 

Ageing and intellectual disability (AGID)

European Commission funded programme on developing web-based training modules for professionals and front line staff caring for older people with intellectual disabilities. This is a two year study commencing in January 2012 in association with the University of Vienna and four service partners from Bologna, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. 

Research staff include:

Professor Raghu Raghavan (Group Lead)
Jim Dooher
Chris Knifton
Bernie Gregory

Doctoral students include:

Chris Knifton
Joanne Bird
Kathleen Dabbs
Nicky Genders 
Gaynor Ward.