The Right Student, An Exploration of the Qualities Desired in the Next Generation of Nursing Students (Dr Norrie Jacqui Day, Karen Ford, Chris Knifton, Nikki Welyczko, Penny Harrison, Penny Tremayne)

This funded project involved qualitative research using data collected across the United Kingdom to develop a conceptual framework to describe the qualities required for the next generation of nursing students. These findings have been used to shape the selection criteria used in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at De Montfort University. The findings have been presented and published at the Australian Association of Research in Education in Sydney in 2012.

Supporting the Under Achieving Student: A Mixed Methods Investigation (Dr Peter Norrie, Deborah Dowsett)

This funded project is designed explore ways in which universities can provide support to students who fail to thrive in the academic environment. The first phase will gather qualitative data from a representative group of students. The second phase will use an experimental design to provide extra support using the findings from the first phase. Outcome data will include student attrition rates and pass marks.

Research staff include:
Deborah Dowsett
Carol Greenway
Penny Harrison
Penny Tremayne
Karen Ford
Chris Knifton
Nikko Welyczko
Jacqui Day.

Doctoral students include:
Tassamon Namwong
Adnan Aziz
Sue Deakin
Fiona Phipps.