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Welcome to the Infectious Disease Research Group

Welcome to the Infectious Disease Research Group

Welcome to the Infectious Disease Research Group (IDRG) at De Montfort University (DMU).

We are a new and dynamic group with experts that range from applied microbiologists to parasitologists. The IDRG group encompasses infectious disease as a public health issue, assessing their epidemiology and prevalence through molecular diagnostics and analysis. A key focus of infection prevention and control in patients, the community and the environment is through the assessment of novel antimicrobials, disinfection and sterilisation. The overall aim of the group is to understand and prevent the spread of infectious disease.

The nature of the research being conducted within the group is truly multidisciplinary, collaborating with groups from a range of disciplines including technology, art and design, education and industry.  


The IDRG endeavours to conduct research that has real impact on society including developing novel antimicrobials as alternatives to antibiotics. This is of particular importance as, due to resistance,]over the next 10 years the supply of effective available antibiotics will diminish meaning that bacterial infections may once again be a major cause of mortality. Fast and efficient diagnostics are also being developed to help speed up treatments in NHS settings and allow more efficient antibiotic prescribing. The IDRG, in collaboration with Medilink, run the Infectious Disease Special Interest Groups for the East Midlands. The aim of these half day conferences is to bring together researchers and innovators from academia and industry, and to facilitate successful collaborations  to drive forward novel methods and solutions for combatting infectious disease in the region.  This is coupled with events held by the IDRG at DMU, such as a Healthcare Textiles day conference(part of the Leicester Business Festival), which results in exciting new collaborations, ideas and innovations focussing on successful outcomes for industry, the NHS and social wellbeing. 

The academics that form the IDRG research in a number of key areas including, novel antimicrobials, molecular microbiology, diagnostics, infection control, and parasitology and health education.  All of the academics have distinguished track records and are recognised both nationally and internationally in their individual research areas.  The IDRG has access to microbiology laboratories, that have been newly refurbished, and an extensive range of state of the art microbiology and chemistry equipment. This makes the IDRGs consultancy arm an exciting prospect for industry, giving them access to a wide ranging knowledge and skills base.

Over the coming months, members of the IDRG will be writing blogs on their area of particular interest so please make sure you look out for these.  Lastly I would like to thank you for your interest in our research group and I hope to see you at one of our events.

Dr Katie Laird – Head of the Infectious Disease Research Group.

Posted on Thursday 8th June 2017

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