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Health Policy Research Unit

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Health Policy Research Unit

The Health Policy Research Unit was established in 1999 and comprises academic staff with substantial research interests in the field of health policy. The unit aims to promote high quality research by:

  • Bringing together researchers with a variety of interests, skills and expertise
  • Collaborating with other organisations involved in health policy research
  • Facilitating the development and submission of research proposals
  • Promoting the effective dissemination of research findings.


Health Policy Research Unit
Hawthorn Building
The Gateway

T : +44 (0)116 257 7988



What we do

Collectively the unit has a wide range of interests which focus on four main areas:

Health Service Organisation and Reform – including health policy processes; service reconfiguration; public private partnerships; partnership working; pharmacy services; health communication, mental health; education and training.

Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) – including lay involvement in the NHS; research into PPI policy; health consumer groups and patients’ organisations; consultation processes on health strategies; support for researchers to incorporate PPI into their research design.

Diversity and Health Inequalities – including the health and health care experiences of South Asian communities, especially Sickle Cell Thalassaemia and reproductive experiences; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and inequalities in health and health care.

Public Health – including health promotion; community strategies for health improvement; hygiene and bio-security; healthcare acquired infections; risk and infection control; alcohol policy; social responsibility and health.