Funded Projects

Health Policy Research Unit members have helped generate significant levels of funding for research since the unit’s inception. In addition to the projects featured here, numerous others have been funded by Local and Regional NHS bodies, Local Authorities, Government Departments such as the Department of Health and Home Office, the Economic and Social Research Council, the European Science Foundation and Voluntary and Charitable Organisations like the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Examples of recent and current funded projects involving HPRU members include:

Better Visits: Improving the experience of visiting for families and people living with dementia (2017-18) Andy Northcott with C Elsey. Managed by Learning for the 4th Age (L4A). LASA Seedcorn funding: £2,500.

Understanding continence practices in acute settings for people with dementia: raising awareness and improving care (2017-2020).  Andy Northcott with K Featherstone (Cardiff University, PI) NIHR HS&DR researcher led funding stream: £505,000.

Egg donation in the UK, Belgium and Spain: an interdisciplinary study. 2017-2020. Nicky Hudson (PI), Lorraine Culley, Cathy Herbrand, with colleagues in Belgium and Spain. ESRC £494,350. Grant ref. ES/N010604/1

Public beliefs and perceptions in relation to tax (2016-2017). Sally Ruane. School of Applied Social Sciences Small Grant Scheme, De Montfort University.

Increasing uptake of effective self-management education programmes for type 2 diabetes in multi-ethnic primary care settings (2016). Nicky Hudson. Programme Grants for Applied Research with Professor Melanie Davies et al. NIHR £2m. (NH Co-applicant).

Postponing childbirth, extending fertility: biotechnologies and the transformations of reproductive life. (April – Oct 2016). Hudson, N. (PI), Baldwin K., Buhler N., Culley L., Daly I., Herbrand C. (CI), Law C. Funded by the Wellcome Trust Society & Ethics Small Grant Award (£4990).

The MITOFAMILY study: Genetics, reproduction and biotechnologies in the context of mitochondrial disorders (2016). Cathy Herbrand). Funded by De Montfort University.

ENDOPART2: developing a knowledge exchange partnership and improving support in endometriosis (2015-2016). Nicky Hudson. Higher Education Innovation Fund, DMU. £5360. 

Review of transcultural/cultural competence training for health professionals, developed by the Andalusian School of Health for the European Commission (2016). Mark Johnson. €5000 personal grant.

Cultural competence training for midwives: package development (2016). Mark Johnson in collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital. Personal expenses grant.

Enhancing dissemination, impact and networking in reproduction research. (2015). Nicky Hudson (PI), Cathy Herbrand, Helen Mitchell, Caroline Law, Lorraine Culley. School of Applied Social Sciences Small Research Fund. (NH PI). £1500.

BAME men who have sex with men: health interventions and learning sets, Evaluation Project. 2014-2016 Periklis Papaloukas and Julie Fish with colleagues Rusi Jaspal (PI) and Iain Williamson. Public Health England

Seedcorn project. Ed Thompson On enabling voting by those in care and nursing homes (2014-2015). De Montfort University. £500.

Seedcorn project. Ed Thompson. On the effect of austerity policies on local resilience (2015- present). De Montfort University. £1300.

A feasibility study to inform the development of a multicentre randomised controlled trial of an asthma-tailored pulmonary rehabilitation programme versus usual care for individuals with severe asthma (2013- 2016). Nicky Hudson. Funded by NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme, £340K.

Nottingham Public Engagement Project on Child Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse, (2013-2015). Josie Solomon. Funded by Nottingham NHS City Care Partnership.

Creative practice as mutual recovery: Connecting communities for mental health and wellbeing (2013-2018). Professor Brown. Multi-centre study in collaboration with colleagues in the universities of Nottingham, Derby, Wolverhampton, Falmouth and the Royal College of Music. Funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council. £1.5m.

Living with Sickle Cell or Beta-Thalassaemia Trait: Implications for Identity or Social Life:(2012-2014). Simon Dyson and Professor Karl Atkin (University of York (PI), Waqar Ahmad (Pro-VC Middlesex University); Elizabeth Anionwu (Emeritus Professor, University of West London. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), £250.000.

Involving Fathers in Ante-Natal Screening for Sickle Cell Disorders: Improving Informed Decision-Making (2012-2014). Simon Dyson and Professor Karl Atkin (University of York (PI), Collaborators: Leeds Clinical Genetics Service, Sickle Cell Society Funded by Research for Patient Benefit (National Institutes for Health). £233,000.

Endometriosis: Improving the Well-Being of Couples (Endopart) (2012-2013) Culley (PI), Mitchell, Hudson, Denny, Raine-Fenning (University of Nottingham). Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) ES/J003662/1. See

The Cuban Health System: Lessons for Global and Domestic Policymakers  (2012-2013). R. Baggott and G. Lambie.  Funded by British Academy Small Grant Scheme, £7,600

Embedding Structured Self Management Education Programmes for Type 2 Diabetes in a Multi-Ethnic Primary Care Setting. (2012-2013). Davies (PI), Brennan, Baker, Carey, Culley, Daly, Elster, Gray Johnson, Khunti, Mather, Patel, Speight, Sturt. Funded by NIHR Programme Development Grant.

Increasing Physical Activity in Chronic Kidney Disease:The Patient Perspective. (2012-2013): Hudson, co-applicant with Dr Alice Smith, Dr James Burton (PI), Dr Jo Byrne, Prof. Nigel Brunskill, Mrs Hannah Young. Funded by the British Renal Society.

Research in Children’s Health. (2011-2012) Culley, Lakhanpaul, Hudson. University of Leicester/University College London.

Delivery of a Layered and Culturally Appropriate Electronic Educational Resource on Osteomalacia, for Ethnic Minorities ARCEED (2011-2012). Mark Johnson with Dr Ade Adebajo (Sheffield) Co-app. Funded by Arthritis Research UK Charity £101,238 total.

Intersectional Discrimination in Health across Europe “Study on Inequalities and Multiple Discrimination in Access to Health – Five Nation Study" (2010-2011). Mark Johnson  – Part of Consortium Tender "to investigate” (Tender D/SE/10/09, Scientific Coordinator, in team led by Prof E Kofman(PI), Middlesex University. Funded by the FRAHIN Fundamental Rights Agency (EU) (up to 430,000 Euros).

Developing Professional Knowledge about Breast Cancer Care in Lesbian and Bisexual Women (2011-2012), Julie Fish:  Funded by Economic and Social Research Council £8,000.

Experiences of surgical site infection Study (2011-2012) Judith Tanner, Brown and Wendy Padley. Funded by the Infection Prevention Society, £4,985.

Advocacy for Minimum Alcohol Pricing (2009-2012).
Rob Baggott with Martin Hagger (Principal Investigator, University of Nottingham). Funded by Alcohol Education and Research Council £40,000.

Education of Minority Ethnic Pupils: Young People with Sickle Cell Disease (2006-2011) Simon Dyson (Principal Investigator), Lorraine Culley and Sue Dyson with University of York and Loughborough University. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) £226,000.

Conceptualising Community as a Social Fix, argument and persuasion in health, housing and local governance. A review of the literature. (2011) Kathryn Jones and L Hamalainen (2011). Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Whole Body Washing to Reduce Skin Bacteria (2010). Judith Tanner, Susie Walsh and Neetesh Mistry. Funded by Molnlycke Healthcare £50,000.

Community Interventions for Health (2008–2011). Rob Baggott (Principal Investigator), Denis Anthony, Kathryn Jones, Judith Tanner, Hala Evans, Gill Perkins and Hilary Palmer. Funded by the Oxford Health Alliance £350,000.

Transnational Reproduction: An Exploratory Study of UK Residents Who Travel Abroad for Fertility Treatment (TRANSREP) (2009–2010). Lorraine Culley (Principal Investigator) and Nicky Hudson with Huddersfield University, Sheffield University and Swansea University. Funded by the ESRC £100,000.

Evaluation of the Be Safe Project (2009). Julie Fish and Hellmuth Weich. Funded by Comic Relief.

Endometriosis and Cultural Diversity (2008–2010). Lorraine Culley with Birmingham City and Middlesex universities. Funded by the Research for Patient Benefit Programme West Midlands £220,000.

Regional Evaluation of the Pacesetters Programme
(PACEVAL) for the East Midlands (2008–2009). Mark Johnson (Principal Investigator), Lorraine Culley, Jennie Fleming, Fenglin Guo and Nicky Hudson. Funded by the East Midlands Strategic Health Authority via Leicester NHS (Primary Care Trust) £79,000.

Education of Minority Ethnic Pupils: Young People with
Sickle Cell Disease (2006–2011). Simon Dyson (Principal Investigator), Lorraine Culley and Sue Dyson with University of York and Loughborough University. Funded by the ESRC £226,000.

Networks in Health Care: A Comparative Study of Their Management, Impact and Performance (2006–09) LouiseFitzgerald and Royal Holloway College, London. Funded by theService Delivery and Organisation Programme, Department ofHealth, £304,000.

Selected Projects and Consultancies involving Local Collaborations include:
Management and Interventions for Asthma in South Asian Children with Leicester University, NHS Leicester City and UHL.

Evaluation Support and Consultancy to Bangladeshi Maternity Users with NHS Leicester City.

Patient and Public Engagement in Maternity and Newborn Services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland for NHS Leicestershire and Rutland.

Educational Experiences of Muslim Students on Pre-Registration Nursing and Midwifery Programmes with East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery.

Our NHS Our Future: Excellence For All Research Evaluation for the NHS in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Mental Health Service Evaluation with ACCEPT, a Leicestershire Mental Health Charity.

Facilitation of Scrutiny of Local Health Service Reconfiguration Proposals for Leicester County Council Adult Social Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee.