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A-Z of HPRU Research Interests

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Adherence to Prescribed Medicines/Therapy – Peter Rivers
Adult Learning and the Adult Learning Workforce - Caroline Law
Alcohol Misuse - Rod Griffin
Alcohol Policy - Rob Baggott, Stephen Handsley
Assisted Fertility - Cathy Herbrand
Austerity - Ed Thompson

Belief - Mark Johnson
Biotechnologies - Cathy Herbrand
Built Environment of Hospitals - Andy Northcott

Carers - Mark Johnson
Children and Sickle Cell - Simon Dyson
Chronic Illness - Cathy Herbrand, Nicky Hudson, Stephen Handsley, Periklis Papaloukas, Jessica Turner
Collaboration - Ed Thompson
Communication - Tim Harrison
Crisis - Ed Thompson
Cuban Health System - Rob Baggott

Death, Dying and Bereavement - Stephen Handsley
Dementia in Acute Care Settings - Andy Northcott
Democracy - Ed Thompson
Disability Discrimination and Disability Equality
Discourse Analysis - Caroline Law
Discourse Analysis and Critical Discourse Analysis - Kylie Baldwin, Stephen Handsley

Ethnicity and Health - Lorraine Culley, Stephen Handsley, Nicky Hudson, Mark Johnson
Equality and Diversity - Cathy Herbrand


Family and friends – Janet Underwood
Fertility Preservation - Kylie Baldwin

Gender and Health - Nicky Hudson
Gentic Intervention - Cathy Herbrand
Gypsyies and Travellers - Jo Rchardson

Healthcare Associated Infections - Brown
Health Communication - Brown
Health Humanities - Brown
Health Inequalities - Julie Fish, Stephen Handsley, Periklis Papaloukas, Jessica Turner
Health Intervantions - Stephen Handsley, Periklis Papaloukas
Health Promotion - Rob Baggott, Rod Griffin, Stephen Handsley, Peter Rivers
Health Service Reconfiguration - Sally Ruane
Health Service Reform - Rob Baggott, Andy Northcott, Sally Ruane
History of Mental Health Services and Mental Health Policy - Rod Griffin
Homelessness and Learning Disabilities - Raksha Pandya
Hospital visitors – Andy, Northcott, Janet Underwood
Housing and Health - Jo Richardson
Human Rights - Julie Fish

Identity Formation and Theories of the Self - Martyn Denscombe
Illness Experience - Cathy Herbrand
Inequalities in Health – Julie Fish, Stephen Handsley, Mark Johnson, Andy Northcott
Infection Prevention – Brown
Infertility - Lorraine Cully, Nicky Hudson
Infertility and Involuntary Childlessness - Kylie Baldwin
Infertility and Reproduction - Caroline Law
Integrated Care - Sally Ruane, Josie Solomon, Janet Underwood

LGBT Communities - Periklis Papaloukas
LGBTQ Health - Julie Fish
Liminality and process theory – Janet Underwood
Long-Term Conditions - Nicky Hudson, Mark Johnson

Medical Statistics - Martin Williams
Medication-Taking Behaviour - Peter Rivers
Migration - Mark Johnson
Minority Communities - Periklis Papaloukas
Mixed Methods Research - Kylie Baldwin
Mutiple Sclerosis - Periklis Papaloukas

Normalisation Process Theory - Nicky Hudson, Jessica Turner

Patient and User Involvement - Rob Baggott, Stephen Handsley, Kathryn Jones, Raksha Pandya
Patient-Related Outcome
Patients Organisations - Kathryn Jones
Pharmaceutical Industry - Kathryn Jones
Pharmacists' Advisory Role - Peter Rivers
Policy Implementation - Olawale Fawehinmi, Andy Northcott
Policy Process - Ed Thompson
Prescribing Decision - Peter Rivers
Prescribing Policy - Josie Solomon
Psychology - Periklis Papaloukas
Private Finance Initiative - Sally Ruane
Public Health - Stephen Handsley, Periklis Papaloukas
Public-Private Partnerships - Sally Ruane

Qualitative Research - Stephen Handsley, Nicky Hudson, Andy Northcott, Periklis Papaloukas, Jessica Turner, Janet Underwood

Reconfiguration of Health Services - Sally Ruane
Record Keeping and Integrated Care - Tim Harrison
Reproductive Health - Cathy Herbrand
Reproductive Technologies - Kylie Baldwin, Cathy Herbrand, Nicky Hudson, Jessica Turner
Reproductive Travel - Lorraine Culley, Nicky Hudson
Resilience and Wellbeing - Jo Richardson
Respite Care - Mark Johnson
Risk Behaviour/Perceptions of Risk - Brown, Martyn Denscombe, Andy Northcott, Peter Rivers

Safeguarding - Josie Solomon
Self-Care/Support for Self-Care - Peter Rivers
Sexual Health - Periklis Papaloukas
Sexual Orientation and Health - Julie Fish
Shared Decision-Making - Josie Solomon
Sickle Cell Thalassaemia - Simon Dyson
Social Care – Janet Underwood
Social Egg Freezing - Kylie Baldwin
Social Housing - Jo Richardson
Sociology of health, illness and medicine - Caroline Law, Kylie Baldwin, Stephen Handsley, Andy Northcott, Jessica Turner
South Asian Communities - Lorraine Culley, Nicky Hudson, Mark Johnson
Substance Misuse - Martyn Denscombe, Raksha Pandya
Surgical Site Infections - Brown

Taxation - Sally Ruane
Tissue Donation – Lorraine Culley, Nicky Hudson
Transnational Reproduction – Lorraine Culley, Nicky Hudson

Users experience of Assisted Reproductive Technologies - Kylie Baldwin

Visual Methodologies - Periklis Papaloukas
Voluntary Health Organisations - Kathryn Jones
Voluntary Sector - Kathryn Jones

Women's Health and Reproduction - Jessica Turner

Young People’s Health - Martyn Denscombe

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