Biomolecular Technology Group

Biomolecular Technology Group

Working in collaboration with the Leicestershire Constabulary and other partners.

Biomolecular Technology Group

Biomolecular Technology Group

The Biomolecular Research Group consists of 4 academic staff and associated research staff and students. Research in the group focuses on the application of molecular technologies to the biomedical, forensic and pharmaceutical sciences.

One of the major themes of the group is the development and application of novel DNA-based techniques to the identification and authentication of medicinal plants and phytomedicines. Fundamental research on the DNA barcoding of plants underpins the design of PCR primers and microarray probes to discriminate target plants from adulterant species.

Current projects are developing methods for the detection and quantification of adulterants for industrial quality assurance, and for the identification of endangered species for biodiversity protection. The group also maintains an interest in the application of these technologies to other plant materials, including food, fibre, timber and botanical forensic evidence.

Molecular Forensic Research

In the area of molecular forensic research, the group works in collaboration with the Leicestershire Constabulary and other partners, researching into various aspects of impression evidence, particularly fingerprint recovery from difficult surfaces and the application of gel-lifters and imaging technologies to evidence recovery.

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Biomolecular Technology Group
Group Lead:       Dr Mark Fowler                         +44 (0)116 250 6385

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