End Street Homelessness in Leicester

End Street Homelessness in Leicester

Huge new survey of city's homeless made by DMU students

End Street Homelessness in Leicester image
End Street Homelessness in Leicester

Huge new survey of city's homeless made by DMU students

Media coverage of End Street Homelessness in Leicester project

The homelessness context

Homelessness is on the rise across the UK, and Leicester city has been no exception.

Figures show a year-on-year rise in street homelessness in recent times. The National Audit Office report (2017) referenced national Department for Community and Local Government (CLG) figures showing that: ‘The number of rough sleepers stood at more than 4,000 in the autumn of 2016, having increased from fewer than 1,800 in the autumn of 2010’. 

However, organisations like Shelter would argue this figure doesn’t reflect the current reality. In a report published on Wednesday 8 November 2017, the organisation estimated 307,000 people were either sleeping rough or inadequately housed in Britain; the headline of their research was that this equated to one in every 200 people. 

In 2016 Leicester city council in its annual rough sleeper count data to government, reported there were 36 people.

The Centre for Comparative Housing Research (CCHR)

The Centre for Comparative Housing research brings together a unique team who are experienced in delivering  high quality consultancy, research and teaching in the field of housing, social research and public policy.

CCHR also adds occassional updates to Twitter, and we are also featured in the Department of Politics and Public Policy e-zine

The project

The End Street Homeless Campaign was developed by World Habitat with pilots running in Europe in 2015. 

Leicester joined the campaign in 2017 and ran its Connections Week from Monday 6 to Friday 10 November. A variety of activities was undertaken and surveys were run across the city all week in hostels, breakfast services and other homeless outreach services. 

On the night of Tuesday 7 November a night time survey was run with De Montfort University student volunteers, joined by professionals from a range of agencies, local politicians, plus observers from cities recently joined to the campaign – Glasgow and Sheffield.

Download a copy of the project report.

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