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Centre for European Governance: A Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

De Montfort  Centre for European Governance 

Bringing together the departments of Politics and Public Policy, Law, and History

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Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

The Centre of European Governance (CEG) is located within the Faculty of Business and Law and is part of a European-wide network of research centres funded by the European Commission's Jean Monnet Programme. The CEG at DMU was founded in 2013 as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, and is a reflection of the high standards of research and teaching in the area of European Studies at the university. It is based around the departments of Politics and Public Policy, History, and Law, and draws on the expertise of leading academic researchers from areas such as critical studies, modern European history, European politics, international relations, and European law, among others. 

The CEG's research outputs are a reflection of its multi-disciplinary approach, reflecting particular expertise in areas such as European governance, South-East European history and politics, and EU criminal policy. The JMCE is directed by Professor Alasdair Blair (Faculty of Business and Law) and Dr Kenneth Morrison (Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities). Professor Blair, who also holds the Jean Monnet Chair of International Relations, has written extensively on the politics of the European Union, and his books remain core texts for those undertaking EU studies. Dr Kenneth Morrison, a Reader in Modern Southeast European History, is a leading scholar in the field of Southeast European Studies, having written on various aspects of the modern history of a number of former-Yugoslav states, with aparticular emphasis on Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia (including the Sandžak region).

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