The Finance and Banking Research Centre

The Finance and Banking Research Centre (FiBRe, formerly Financial Markets and Investment Behaviour Research Group) was formed in 2011.

Our mission is to conduct innovative research, with the key objective of encouraging scholarly research in all areas of finance and banking.

The research centre organises activities with external speakers, academics and PhD students, to create impact through high quality research and publications.

The centre provides support for early career researchers and PhD students, to build their research profiles and future careers

Members of the research centre are interested in the following areas: market efficiency, regulation, and structure; macroeconomic stability; behavioural finance; international finance; corporate finance; asset pricing; derivatives; banking; commercial property; history of finance; and pedagogy.

Individual research interests can be found in our personal profiles:

Albert Danso

Samar Gad

Jaypal Jain

Gregory James

Frank Kwabi

Brendan Lambe

Neil Lancastle

Vitor Leone

Zhiyong Li

Ming-Tsung Lin

Qinye Lu

Nicole Lux

Samuel Owusu-Agyei

Jingsi Leng

Tingting Zhu

Linh Nguyen


For a list of upcoming seminars, please click here.

For further enquiries into the activities of FiBRe, please contact one of the Directors: Gregory James or Neil Lancastle.

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