Seminar Series

To enhance research dissemination and knowledge transfer, members of the department regularly present their research at the department’s research seminars and through  the Accounting and Finance Occasional Paper Series. The research seminar series provide a platform for members of the department, external academics, invited speakers and postgraduate students to present their research.

The series are organised by Neil Lancastle (FiBRe), Lisa Wakefield (CAFÉ) and Kemi Yekini (CROG).

2017/18 Accounting and Finance research seminar programme

Refreshments will be available. Seminars are subject to change, please contact the organiser prior to the Seminar before travelling.

18th January 2017

Nicole Lux, The relevance of debt yields as an indicator of mortgage default probability - HU 5.10 1-3pm.

1st February 2017

CRAGS. Dr John Fry, Modelling and mitigating flash crashes; and Emmanuel Adegbite, Making Shareholder Primacy Work Better -  HU 5.10 1-3pm.

15th February 2017

FiBRe. Frank Zwabi, International Equity Portfolio Diversification and Stock Market Development - HU 5.10 1-3pm.

1st March 2017

CRAGS. Dr Ann-Christine Frandsen, On Theorising Money via the Early History of Accounting; and Ken Yeoh, The Nature of CSR Stakeholder Engagement in Emerging Markets: The Case Study of Malaysia - HU 5.10 1-3pm.

7th March 2017

FiBReSamuel Owusu-Agyei et al. Leverage and firm investment: the role of information asymmetry and growth - HU3.94, 1-2pm

15th March 2017

FiBRe. Zhiyong Li, A Low Frequency Bid-ask Spread Estimator Using Daily High and Low Prices; and Qinye Lu, Predictability of Stock Returns based on the Partial Least Squares Methodology - HU 1.50 1-3pm.

29th March 2017

CRAGS. Collins Ntim, Diffusion Theory, National Corruption and IFRS Adoption around the World - HU 1.50 1-3pm.


David Gindis, Making sense of Jensen and Meckling - HU 5.10 1-3pm.

24th May 2017

 FiBRe. Bill Kallinterakis, On the Impact of Country ETFs’ Premiums and Discounts over Feedback Trading; and Panagiotis Andrikopoulos, Predicting Unlisted SMEs’ Default: Incorporating Market Information on Accounting-based Models for Improved Accuracy - HU 5.10 1-3pm.

4th October 2017

FiBRe. Gregory James. Non-financial contracts, sponsor counterparties and loan outcomes in project finance - HU 3.96 12:30-1:30pm.

18th October 2017

FiBRe. Yilmaz Guney. Cost of Capital and Corporate Hedging: Evidence from the UK firms - HU 2.37 12:30-1:30pm

8th November 2017


FiBRe. Ming-Tsung Lin. Gender Diverse Portfolios as a New Asset Class - HU 3.95 1-2pm

FiBRe. Anna Macadam. Method Improvements to Investigate the Human Decision Process - HU 3.95 2-3pm

22nd November 2017

Dr Louise Obara, CSR and Corporate Governance: The Role of CSR Managers - HU 3.93 1pm-2pm

6th December 2017

FiBRe. Agnieszka Trzeciakiewicz. Managerial Overconfidence and Probability of Bankruptcy.
HU 5.10 1230-130pm

7th February 2018

FiBRe. Khaled Hussainey. Do forward-looking narratives affect investors’ valuation of UK FTSE all-shares firms? HU 3.93 1-2pm

7th February 2018 FiBRe. Henry Agyei-Boapeah. Intangible investments and voluntary delisting: Mass exodus of Chinese firms from US stock exchange. HU3.95 1-2pm
7th March 2018 FiBRe. Samuel Owusu-Agyei et al. Leverage and firm investment: the role of information asymmetry and growth - HU3.94, 1-2pm
2nd May 2018 FiBRe. Steve Keen. Loanable funds vs money creation in banking: Another benchmark result - HU5.08, 1-2pm


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