Design and New Product Development

Improving the Quality of Life

The Melio leg bag to greatly improve the lives of those suffering from bladder conditions

Design and New Product Development
Partners with Industry 

Design research supporting industry and the environment.

Partners with industry: Oxford Instruments
The Circular Economy

Concept research into resource efficient packaging for British Telecom

Concept for BT
Additive Manufacturing

‘Creepers’ is a seemingly random growth but is in fact a carefully positioned series of reflectors that catch the light from low power LEDs

Computational Design

‘Holy Ghost’ uses a computational design approach that combines cad and computer programming

Holy Ghost

Design & New Product Development 

Design and New Product Development is a multidisciplinary research group. Working across all the schools of design within the Faculty, it embraces Product, Furniture and Interior Design; Fashion, Contour Fashion and Footwear; Design Crafts, and Social Dimensions of Design.

The group was formed to perform pioneering research – empirical, theoretical, collaborative and practical – in both established and emerging domains. Special research interests include:

  • Additive manufacturing in design
  • Design for industry
  • Medical products and devices
  • Innovations in packaging
  • User informed design
  • Retail, consumers and technologies
  • Resource-efficient design
  • Historical, cultural and future issues in design

Oxford Instruments collaboration

Interview with Lynn Shepherd from Oxford Instruments.

For the OI group, we undertook design research into a three-dimensional corporate identity, as well as how to apply it across a variety of material finishes. For the group’s Finnish subsidiary, we researched hand-held devices for field analysis by dispersive X-ray fluorescence.

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