LAW: Institute for Law, Justice and Society Overview

The activities of the Institute for Law, Justice and Society fall within four broadly-defined clusters (criminal law and justice; international law; law, sexuality and gender; and interdisciplinary legal studies) within which we are engaged in empirical, doctrinal and theoretically-informed research on some of the most challenging questions of our age. These include, for example, modern slavery, human trafficking, domestic violence, non-traditional marriages, climate change, the migration crisis, pollution offences, sustainable development, social justice, ethical business regulation, law and political economy, corporate social responsibility, international human rights, children’s rights, police powers, mental disorder and criminal responsibility, sentencing and penal policy, organised crime, and law, rights and technology.

The Leicester De Montfort Law School invites applications to the Midlands 4 Cities Doctoral Training Partnership. Selected members of the school and their research interests are listed below. 

Professor Julia J.A. Shaw –

Professor of Law and Social Justice, School of Law Head of Research Students

Interdisciplinary work encompassing legal theory; law and the humanities; corporate social responsibility; applied philosophy; literary Jurisprudence; law and emotion; global justice; political theory and public policy; critical and cultural legal studies; spatial justice and food justice 

Professor Vanessa Bettinson –
Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Legal responses to domestic violence; coercive control; sexual offences 

Professor Gavin Dingwall –
Professor of Criminal Justice Policy

Sentencing policy and theory; penal policy and theory; alcohol and crime

Martin Morgan-Taylor –
Associate Professor

Light pollution; built environment law and policy; international environmental law

Professor Dave Walsh –

Professor in Criminal Investigation

Criminal investigation - particularly the investigative interviewing of victims, witnesses and suspects, modern slavery, human trafficking

Dr Kate Wilkinson Cross –

Senior Lecturer

Ecofeminism; feminist legal theory; biodiversity; technology; sustainable development; climate change

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