Fine Art and Photography

Fine Art and Photography Research Group Overview

The Fine Art and Photography Research Group (FAPRG) is an innovative, rigorous and dynamic interdisciplinary  academic team of art practitioners, historians and theoreticians.

Expertise within the FAPRG is extensive and stems from the individual academic’s direct professional experience of operating within the contemporary art world in combination with a cultural, historical, philosophical and political awareness that underpins all aspects of their research specialist area.

Fine Art, Photography, Arts Management, Curating and Commissioning, Performance, Sound, Moving Image, Dance, Philosophy, Historical and Contextual understanding of Art.

The Fine Art and Photography Research Group at De Montfort University invites applications to the Midlands 3 Cities Doctoral Training Partnership from UK and EU students. Members of the group and their research interests are listed below:

Fine Art

Ben Carpenter
The anthropological understanding of art, the social context and utility of art, and craft as a self-conscious element in fine art production.

Adam Gillam
Fine Art Practices, Sculpture, Installation, Drawing, Painting

John Lancaster
Abstract Painting; Perception; Figure/ground relationship; Colour; Interpretation and meaning; Pleasurable visual experience; Sacred art; Beauty; Space and light.

Leila Galloway
Fine art practices; Installation/sculpture; Aesthetics.

Jamie Scott
Contemporary fine art practice; Contemporary Indian art; Curation; Installation; Painting; Lens and digital media.

Dale Robertson
Public art and design; alternative venues for the visual arts.

Fiona Kinnell
Multi- disciplinary aspects of contemporary fine art practice; Curation in fine art; The student experience of fine art and the operational and academic aspects (teaching and learning) of BA and MA programmes.

Ruth Sumner
Fine art education; Fine art practices; Painting.

Max Mosscrop
Contemporary art practice; the involvement of apparently unreasonable processes in contemporary art, such as the affective, non-representational dimension of its experience, or the use of chance, accident or spontaneity in research methodologies.

Dr Jenni Hawksley
All aspects of art history and critical theory in fine art.

Anna Lucas
Artists moving image, in particular the use of the camera and editing process as a tool for research.  Visual perception.  The documentary form in relation to human interaction with landscape, learning institutions and amateur expert knowledge.  Diegetic sound.  Non-verbal communication and learning.

Louise Clarke
Historical and contemporary drawing and print; Fine art practices.

Andy Price
Fine art Practices; 20th & 21st century sculpture; Alternative modes of discourse in the arts.

Photography  and Video:

Laura McGregor
All aspects of photography and video.

Lala Meredith Vula (Professor in Art and Photography)
Contemporary photography; Video; Film; Fine art; Contemporary Visual art; Photography and film history; Fine art and photography practice; Focusing particularly themes of migration, diaspora, identity and belonging; Art in Eastern Europe both contemporary and historic.

Neil Dyson
Contemporary photography, theory and practice.

Dave Soden
How still & moving image, live music performance, song composition, recorded sound design and interactive installation, can be incorporated into a process of investigation leading to new insights.

Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography

Martin Shakeshaft
Art and Design Education; Documentary Photography; New Art and Emerging Photography;Marxism (Political Science) ; Landscape photography; Panoramas.

Arts Management:

Maurice Maguire
Public art; Arts and regeneration projects; One off events; Commissions and artist-led programmes.

Drama Studies

Dr Helene Goldwater
Intimacy and transgression, viscerality, corporeality, sexuality in performance; Uncertainty of the live moment; Audience/performer relationship in the making/performing of performance; Hybridity, the ’alien’/ ‘other’.


Dr Martin Leach
Tadeusz Kantor; Alexander technique; Anatomy, Physiology and movement studies in relation to performance;Philosophy and performance.

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