Computing and Social Responsibility

Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility Research Overview 

The Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR) at De Montfort University is the UK’s only research centre dedicated to the ethical and social issues surrounding computing and information systems, including robotics and AI, with a core commitment to interdisciplinary research and advisory expertise on the actual and potential impacts of computing and related technologies on society and its citizens. The Centre is recognized as a key player in the international research network for the ethical and social implications of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and is home to a thriving community of research students. 

The Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility atDe Montfort University invites applications suited to the Midlands 4 Cities Doctoral Training Partnership from UK and EU students, including collaborations with other DMU Institutes and Centres. Key contacts for the Centre and their research interests are listed below. 

Professor Bernd Stahl –

Director of the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility

Computer and information ethics, emerging technologies, responsible research and innovation 

Professor Laurence Brooks –

Professor of Technology and Social Responsibility 
Social theory, Social media, Big data, eGovernment, policy informatics, socio-technical, ICT and information ethics 

Professor Kathleen Richardson –

Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI

Humanistic anthropology, ontology, power and how it is exercised over women and children, Anthropological Ethics of Robots, sex robots, autism and robots, theatre and technology, attachment theory and autism theory, chatbots and new technological relational others, feminism, abolitionism/anti-slavery 

Dr Catherine Flick –

Reader in Computing and Social Responsibility

Social impact of emerging technologies, social networks, privacy and society, development of ethics-centred systems, informed consent in IT, ethics of video games, online child protection, ethical governance of technology, ethics for systems administrators, hacking and ethics 

Dr Ofer Engel –

Head of Research Students, Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility Social networks, data science, organisation theory, social mechanisms 

To read more about the application process and to apply, click here.

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