Sample consent documents

On this page you will find links to sample consent forms for interviews and surveys. These are the two most widely used means of collecting data from human respondents within the Faculty of Technology. They show examples of good practice for data collection and gaining informed consent. They are examples that have been used successfully. They therefore contains specifics of these projects. Researchers must adapt them to their specific research projects.

The first set of examples refer to in-depth interviews. These were held in a healthcare setting, but the respondents were members of staff in the NHS. They therefore did not involve vulnerable individuals. The documentation consists of two files. One is the participant information sheet that explains the research and the respondent’s role in it. The second one is the consent form where the respondent can indicate his or her agreement.

Participant Information Sheet 0117

Consent Form 0117

The second document contains text that was used to gather informed consent in a survey. In this particular survey no individually identifiable information was collected. Respondents could give their consent by clicking on the appropriate button. This system is very easy to use but only appropriate in cases where very little information is collected that can have ethical relevance.

Consent in Online Survey Form 0117

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