Arts, Design and Humanities Procedures

Procedures for Research Ethics Applications

All members of the Faculty - staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students – who wish to undertake a research project (academic or commercial) or a research degree must complete a Faculty of Arts Design and Humanities Research Ethics form. This includes:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate final year projects on all courses (BA, MA, MSc)
  • Research degree projects (e.g. MPhil, PhD)
  • Research Grant applications made by staff
  • Contract research and consultancy

The ADH Research Ethics Application Form asks for basic information which allows the Faculty Research Ethics Committee to assess the risks involved in relation to a range of legal requirements under UK law and academic best practice. This applies irrespective of where in the world the intended research is to be conducted. Research projects may not proceed without written approval from the ADH Research Ethics Committee. 

If you are a student (undergraduate, postgraduate or research), your module leader / tutor /first supervisor should advise you on ethical compliance in formulating and executing your research project. You should then complete the Research Ethics Application Form. The module leader / tutor / first supervisor should then sign the form to acknowledge that this has been discussed with you.

For candidates making an application to begin a research degree (MPhil / PhD) the completed Research Ethics form should accompany a copy of the ‘Application to Register for a Research Degree’ form when this is submitted. 

All members of staff who plan a research project, whether funded by external funding bodies, DMU or undertaken during their personal research allocation also need to seek ethical approval. If you are both a member of DMU staff and not registered for a research degree at DMU you may submit the Research Ethics form without a second signature. If in doubt about any aspects ethical approval submit a completed form, the committee is happy to give advice based on a submission.

For research directly involving the participation of identifiable living people as subjects (e.g. in interviews, or questionnaires / tests, audience reaction etc.) standard information and consent forms supplied by DMU as Supporting Document Templates should be used (with the relevant information entered in the spaces provided). Copies of these completed information and consent forms intended to be used should then be attached to the application. All forms required are available to download:

ADH Ethics Overview Guide

ADH Ethics Overview Guide

Application Form

MS Word Research Ethics Application Form

ADH Sample Application Form

ADH Ethics Application Form Checklist

Supporting Document Templates

Participant Information Form 

Participant Consent Form

Parent Guardian Consent Form

DMU Guidelines for Good Research Practice

Guidelines for Good Research Practice

Submitting your Research Ethics Application

Staff and students’ completed and signed forms should be submitted (preferably by e-mail) to the appropriate address.

Due to the large number of Design Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate the Design Research Ethics Sub Committee is ratifying all School of Design applications that fall under these two categories. 

Forms must be submitted to the Design Research Ethics Sub Committee: 

Once full approval has been granted the Ethics Sub-Committee will notify the applicant and supervisor.

All other applications will be ratified by members of the Faculty Ethics Committee and must be submitted to the Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities Research Ethics Committee Servicing Officer.

Forms must be submitted to the ADH Ethics Inbox:

Once full approval has been granted the applicant and supervisor will be notified by email.

If the application refers to a research degree student MPhil or PhD registration the outcome of the approval process will also be communicated to the first supervisor and the Graduate School Office.

Application Deadline Dates

Submission deadline dates across the ADH Faculty have been allocated throughout the year to ensure that the application review process is managed effectively and to ensure that all applications are reviewed in a timely manner. 

Deadline dates for the submission of ADH Research ethics applications are as follows:

  • 5 pm Friday 09 November 2018
  • 5 pm Friday 25 January 2019
  • 5 pm Friday 10 May 2019
  • 5 pm Friday 02 August 2019


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