Centre for Reproduction Research projects

Reproduction in the age of genomic medicine: the emergence, commercialisation and implications of preconception expanded carrier screening

Dr Cathy Herbrand (PI)

CIs: Professor Nicky Hudson, Professor Pascal Borry, Professor Bronwyn Parry, Professor Zosia Miedzybrodzka

Consultant: Professor Lorraine Culley

Research Fellow: Dr Kriss Fearon

Research Assistant: Lucina Wilde

Partner: Progress Educational Trust

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council

(2023 - 2026)

Contact: Dr Cathy Herbrand, cathy.herbrand@dmu.ac.uk

Experiencing Maternity Care during the Covid-19 pandemic: the access, care and support provide to women from Black and minority ethnic groups.

Dr Natalie Darko (PI), Stephen Lawrence Research Centre

CIs: Professor Nicky Hudson, Dr Tina Harris, Dr Zaheera Essat


Contact: Dr Natalie Darko, natalie.darko@dmu.ac.uk or Professor Nicky Hudson nhudson@dmu.ac.uk

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing and donor-conception: support and governance in emerging digital systems

Dr Lucy Frith (PI)

CIs: Professor Marie Fox, Professor Nicky Hudson, Dr Petra Nordqvist, Dr Jackson Kirkman-Brown, Dr Fiona Jane MacCallum

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council

(2020  - 2023)

Contact: Dr Lucy Frith, L.J.Frith@liverpool.ac.uk

Egg donation in the UK, Belgium and Spain: an interdisciplinary study (EDNA) 

Professor Nicky Hudson (PI),

CIs: Professor Guido Pennings, Professor Lorraine Culley, Dr Cathy Herbrand, Dr Vincenzo Pavone, Professor Veerle Provost

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council

(2017 - 2021)

Contact: Professor Nicky Hudson, nhudson@dmu.ac.uk

Covid-19 and Reproductive Digest

Dr Christina Weis (PI)

(2020  - present)

Contact: Dr Christina Weis, Christina.weis@dmu.ac.uk 

Men’s experiences of pregnancy after fertility treatment 

Dr Esmée Hanna (PI)

(2020  - present)

Contact: Dr Esmée Hanna, Esmee.hanna@dmu.ac.uk

Heterosexual partnered men’s experiences of becoming fathers through surrogacy

Dr Christina Weis (co-PI) and Dr Wendy Norton (co-PI) 

Funded by DMU Health and Life Sciences Research Development Fund.

(2019  - present)

Contact: Dr Christina Weis, Christina.weis@dmu.ac.uk

Global Perspectives on Governing Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Dr Lucy Frith (co-PI), Professor Nicky Hudson (co-PI) and Professor Marie Fox

Funded by The Wellcome Trust

(2018  - 2021)

Contact: Dr Lucy Frith, L.J.Frith@liverpool.ac.uk 

Endometriosis: Utilising CRR research evidence to enhance awareness, care, management and support for women and their partners

Professor Nicky Hudson (co-PI), Professor Lorraine Culley (co-PI), Caroline Law, (co-PI),  Dr Helene Mitchell (co-PI),and Dr Wendy Norton (co-PI) 

(2015  - present)

Contact: Caroline Law, Claw@dmu.ac.uk 


Current PhD projects

Women's lived experience of primary ovarian insufficiency Kate Pleace

1st supervisor Professor Nicky Hudson

2nd supervisors Dr Cathy Herbrand and Caroline Law 

2022 - ongoing

Discontinuing fertility treatment: Using experience based co-design to enhance patient support - Kelly Da Silva

1st supervisor Dr Kylie Baldwin

2nd supervisors Professor Nicky Hudson and Dr Esmee Hanna

2021  - ongoing

Using experience based co-design to develop resources to support those experiencing male factor infertilityAndrew Coutts 

1st supervisor Dr Esmee Hanna 

2nd supervisor Professor Nicky Hudson  

2020 - ongoing 

An ethnographic study of the social, cultural and biomedical construction of menopause in Punjab, Pakistan - Sumaira Rashid

1st supervisor Professor Nicky Hudson

2nd supervisors Dr Cathy Herbrand and Dr Wendy Norton

2018 - ongoing

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