Centre for Research in Accountability, Governance and Sustainability members

Marian Chijoke-Mgbame, Deputy-Director of CRAGS

E: marian.chijoke-mgbame@dmu.ac.uk

Ali Gerged, Deputy-Director of CRAGS

E: ali.gerged@dmu.ac.uk

Simi Akintoye

E: simi.akintoye@dmu.ac.uk

Olabisi Daodu

E: olabisi.daodu@dmu.ac.uk

Paschal Ohalehi

E: paschal.ohalehi@dmu.ac.uk

TingTing Zhu

E: tingting.zhu@dmu.ac.uk

Peter Stokes

E: peter.stokes@dmu.ac.uk

Adel Hatamimarbini

E: adel.hatamimarbini@dmu.ac.uk

Marian Chijoke-Mgbame

E: marian.chijoke-mgbame@dmu.ac.uk

Oscar Mgbame

E: chijokeoscar.mgbame@dmu.ac.uk

Sudarshan Pillalamarri

E: sudarshan.pillalamarri@dmu.ac.uk

Samuel Komakech

E: SKomakech@dmu.ac.uk

Fred Mear

E: fcmacc@dmu.ac.uk

Rachel Tate

E: rachel.tate@dmu.ac.uk

Julia Shaw

E: jshaw@dmu.ac.uk

Jonathan Rose

E: jonathan.rose@dmu.ac.uk

Gregory James

E: gregory.james@dmu.ac.uk

Adrian Bua Roberts

E: adrian.bua@dmu.ac.uk

Amina Easat-Daas

E: amina.easat-daas@dmu.ac.uk

Jonathan Davies

E: jsdavies@dmu.ac.uk

Subhes Bhattacharyya

E: subhesb@dmu.ac.uk

Andrew Mitchell

E: andrew.mitchell@dmu.ac.uk

Bassam Kazmouz

E: bassam.kazmouz@dmu.ac.uk

Divya Jyoti

E: divya.jyoti@dmu.ac.uk

Dave Walsh

E: dave.walsh@dmu.ac.uk

Mark Lemon

E: mlemon@dmu.ac.uk

Birgit Painter

E: bpainter@dmu.ac.uk

Ashley Morton

E: ashley.morton@dmu.ac.uk

Associate members or members reporting elsewhere


Peter Stokes, Julia Shaw, Jonathan Rose, Gregory James, Adrian Bua Roberts, Oludara Akanmidu, Amina Easat-Daas, Chibuzo Ejiogu, Jonathan Davies, Dave Walsh, Ashley Morton 

Members outside the faculty of BAL

Subhes Bhattacharyya, Andrew Mitchell, Mark Lemon, Birgit Painter

PhD students

Clavero, Borja

Thesis title : A Contribution to the Quantity Theory of Credit: A Payments perspective

Supervisor: Professor Richard Werner

Obey Gm, Priscilla Ubeloka

Thesis title: Banking Regulation and Financial Crime: Tightening the Regulatory Loopholes in Nigeria

Supervisors: Dr Paschal Ohalehi, Dr Oscar Mgbame

Udagawa, Chihiro

Thesis title: Giffenity impact of renting on owning: implications from rental part of a shared ownership home

Supervisors: Professor Richard Werner, Mr Fred Mear

Zafar, Bushra Angabeen

Thesis title: The symbiotic relation between sustainable business models development and engineered organisational performance, aligning SDG 9 & 12.

Supervisors: Professor Khalid Hafeez, Dr TingTing Zhu

Zafar, Khalid

Supervisors: Professor Khalid Hafeez, Dr Nashwa Saleh

Kayal Rana

Supervisors: Dr Ali Gerged, Dr Samsul Alam