Leaving the UK


Before you leave the UK you should:


Settle all your bills

• Contact your gas and electricity supplier a few days before you are due to leave to tell them you are leaving. You will need to give them a meter reading so they can send you a final bill the next day. If your supplier cannot do this you must give them a forwarding address and they will send the bill there.
• You must also make sure your rent is fully paid and give your landlord your new address so that your deposit can be paid back to you. They may be able to transfer your money online. Ask your landlord for information well in advance.
• You will also have to close any other accounts you may have in the UK such as internet and telephone.


Inform the relevant companies of your change of address

• You must notify your bank and tell them that you are leaving the UK and give them a new contact address. You may be required to completely close your account.
• You should also inform your doctor and dentist that you are moving so they can take you off their lists.


Arrange to transport personal belongings to your next address

Do this well in advance and shop around for the best deal. Your Human Resources department may have more details and may be able to offer help. Remember to check customs regulations. It may be easier to send items in small amounts months before you are due to leave.

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