You can register with a dentist in the same way as you register with a doctor. You firstly need to find a dentist in your area. Your health service provider will depend on which area of the UK you live:

  • The NHS (National Health Service) covers England.
  • NHS24 covers Scotland.
  • Health in Wales (NHS Wales) covers Wales.

You then need to ring your nearest dentist and check that they offer NHS treatment and ask them to put your name on the list. You will need to tell the dentist your NHS number if you have one.

If you live in Scotland you may find the Health Rights Information Scotland website useful. There’s information for people from overseas, general information about health services in Scotland and a guide to using NHS services in Scotland. Many of the resources on the site are offered in alternative formats and translations. The How to Use the Health Service in Scotland website hosts videos in different languages which provides a clear and simple guide to the NHS in Scotland.

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