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Credibility interviews

Students applying for a Tier 4 visa may have to attend an interview with Home Office staff as part of the application process.

The interview gives you the opportunity to discuss the course and university you have chosen, your circumstances and your future plans after graduation. It is a chance to show you are committed to studying in the UK and have a clear understanding of what and where you will study.

English Language ability

The interviewer will assess your English language ability throughout the interview, to make sure your English is at the level shown by your IELTS exam result. They will expect you to answer questions without the help of an interpreter.

You should practice your English language regularly and you may want to consider taking one of our pre-sessional English courses before you start your course. We can usually offer you a CAS to cover your pre-sessional English and your academic course, if you have at least B2 in all components of English language on your IELTS.

Preparing for an interview

If you are asked to attend an interview, you may find it helpful to practice with family, friends or colleagues. The questions will be about the things you considered before applying to university, so they should not be difficult to answer. You should answer all questions in an honest and clear way.

For some helpful guidance read our preparatory questions page.

We also offer short practice interviews over Skype from 9-11am (BST) every Tuesday. Please fill out the form below to make an enquiry or book an interview.

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