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Global Instinct - International Strategy

With Global Instinct taking the institution into the world, by 2020, DMU will be the definition of a 21st century global university

DMU people will be global and positively contribute to the world, through a network which facilitates international partnerships, exchange and research, and a focus on the student.

The university’s newly evolved themes have a new focus; nine game-changers which follow in the footsteps of #DMUglobal – the international experience programme pioneered by DMU.


Global People

Learning: enabling global learning by embedding international experience at every level in all academic programmes.

A #DMUglobal trip to explore a subject in a partner institution in Norway, or an inspirational international spokesperson running a lecture on campus

Language: giving all students and staff the opportunity to develop language and cultural competencies.

A short course of Arabic lessons, or learning about the behaviours and traditions of a different culture

Movement: introducing the flexibility within programme structures to support global mobility and diverse intakes.

Students from around the world join degrees at the times which suit their schooling or a credit-bearing degree module which sends students to Japan for one term

Technology: employing online and virtual learning technologies to connect students and staff across the world - #GlobalInstinct

An interactive lecture run from China, or a virtual lab giving students here and in the US a chance to share hands-on experience at the same time


Global Network

Partnerships and global footprint: building global partners and centres across all areas of teaching, research and knowledge.

A progression agreement with a university in India, or working on an international life-changing research project with a Brazilian university

Showcasing: hosting and partnering on high-profile international events to promote DMU.

Being involved with a UK Government GREAT event overseas, or engaging famous alumni overseas to help promote a degree

Research: nurture top quality and collaborative international research which supports league table performance.

Engage a Nigerian student in pioneering country-based research, or co-author a paper with a German research fellow    


A Student Focus

Recruitment: attracting top students from a greater number of countries and revolutionising their experience at DMU.

Celebrating the first international student from a new market, or encouraging international students to take part in #DMUglobal and Square Mile

Engagement: helping international students adapt to life in the UK and empowering all students to develop a global outlook.

A student who presents their learning from a #DMUglobal trip, or a Chinese student who plays a big part in a university-wide event.