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Sustainability Scholarship

We are pleased to announce the International Postgraduate Taught Scholarship for September 2022.

De Montfort University has a long-standing and ambitious commitment to sustainability, meaning the pursuit of social, economic and environmental wellbeing. Pursuing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, which address issues such as poverty, hunger, clean energy and health, form the centrepiece of the University’s strategic plan. The university aims to achieve positive sustainability impacts through its teaching, research and external partnership working. This work is taken forward across all of our faculties and directorates, as well as through dedicated teams and projects. The Education for Sustainable Development project works with course leaders, staff and students to ensure that sustainability issues are addressed in all of DMU courses and wider activities. The Sustainable DMU team aims to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of DMU’s operational decision making, research activity and external partnerships. 

Postgraduate study at DMU empowers our students to make a positive difference to society in their future careers and as global citizens. For our international students, this experience can provide the skills, confidence and connections to tackle sustainability challenges back in their home countries, in the UK or elsewhere. The Sustainability Scholarship scheme aims to support high-calibre students to come to DMU and develop the skills they need to make a difference. We are also looking for our Sustainability scholars to support DMU’s work on sustainability, both during the time at university and in the future as part of DMU’s alumni network. You can view more information about the Sustainability journey at DMU on the Blog – Education for the Sustainable Development Goals at DMU which also provides information on our current scholars Adeola Ogunkolade, Jinto ThomasStephen Adeiza Okeji and Ashok Kumar Chilla individual interests in practicing Sustainability. 

Our postgraduate scholarships will offer a £4,000 discount towards the total value of the course fee and will be awarded to a number of outstanding International students. This scholarship is open to all postgraduate taught courses. The scholarship recipients will be asked to report to the panel midway during their studies on their continuation in prioritising sustainability in their academic work, and in their extracurricular engagement and post-study plans.

The closing date to apply for the scholarship is midnight on Friday 29 July 2022 for students commencing their studies in September 2022. A selection committee will meet to select the recipients and all candidates will be notified of the outcome. 

If you have any queries, please do not hestiate to contact

  1. Eligibility Criteria

    To qualify for the Sustainability scholarship, you must: 

    • Hold an offer of admission from De Montfort University for a full time, postgraduate course starting in September 2022.
    • Successfully complete any English Language requirements.
    • To be classified as an International Fee payer.
    • To have submitted the online application form.
  2. Terms and Conditions

    1. Sustainability Scholarships are available to new International students starting on a full-time and part-time postgraduate taught course of study. The scholarship award covers a £4,000 discount for full time courses and £2,000 discount towards part time courses towards the total value of your course fee. This amount will be deducted from your tuition fee balance at enrolment.
    2. Applications must be made through the online scholarship’s web form by midnight of Friday 29 July 2022. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered..
    3. The award of this scholarship is at the absolute discretion of the selection panel.
    4. To be eligible, an applicant must (i) have received an offer to study on a full-time or part-time postgraduate course, starting in September 2022 to July 2023 and (ii) have accepted offer, and have successfully passed the pre-CAS interview (where applicable) (iii) have paid 50% of your gross tuition fee to DMU before enrolment and confirm by email once the payment has been made.
    5. Students can apply for the Sustainability Scholarship once they have received a conditional offer from DMU. Please visit the scholarships and discounts page of the DMU website for updates regarding the availability of scholarships. 
    6. Sustainability scholarships are only available to students who are assessed by DMU as having overseas international student status and who pay overseas international rate tuition fees. 
    7. Awards will not be applied to courses with fees lower than the lowest standard international fee. 
    8. DMU will use its website to advertise the terms and conditions in relation to this award. 
    9. Successful scholarship recipients will be notified by email, it is a student’s responsibility to check their email for notifications. Students awarded scholarships and discounts will have their awards applied automatically when they enrol. 
    10. The Scholarship is not transferable and cannot be deferred to an earlier or later start date.
    11. A student can only be in receipt of one De Montfort University scholarship. Students who meet the eligibility criteria for more than one of the scholarships will be awarded the scholarship which is the most beneficial to them. Beneficial scholarship will be decided by DMU. Only one scholarship per student per course will be applied.
    12. No cash alternatives will be offered.
    13. Awards cannot be transferred to another recipient.
    14. Only self‐funded students are eligible for scholarships and discounts. Students in receipt of any type of sponsorship or third-party funding will not be eligible.
    15. DMU reserves the right to cancel any award and any time which has been claimed fraudulently including on the basis of provision of false information to claim the award, and to apply the full tuition fee. If an award is found to have been claimed fraudulently, the award amount will be added to the student’s university account and must be paid in full before the end of the student’s course. 
    16. Where a student who has been awarded the Scholarship terminates or interrupts their studies prior to the completion of their first year of study, the award will be pro‐rated, based on the student’s last date of attendance. 
    17. Recipients of a scholarship or discount must have no outstanding debt to the university at the point of the International Scholarship being awarded.
    18. By accepting the Scholarship, students agree to accept these full terms, conditions and rules of the scholarship and agree to abide by the University rules and any requirements and/or proceedings issued by DMU in relation to the scholarship. 

    For all enquiries regarding Scholarships, please email