International Alumni Referral Scheme

Do you know an international student who would like to study at De Montfort University?

As a graduate of De Montfort University we would like to offer you the opportunity to refer your friends and family for one of our courses starting in the 2017/18 academic session. This scheme is available to nationals or residents of India, Brazil, Nigeria, Korea and Taiwan who have not previously studied at DMU.

If their application results in an enrolment, we will reward you with £500.*

To make a referral, please complete the form below.

The application must be completed by an Alumnus and submitted with the Referred Student’s application to enrol. See terms and conditions.

 As soon as the referred student has completed their first academic term of study, you will receive your award.*

* Terms and conditions apply

International Alumni Referral Scheme Application Form

Terms and Conditions 

Purpose of the Scheme

  1. The International Alumni Referral Scheme (“the Scheme”) rewards the participation of Alumni of De Montfort University who assist in increasing the number of international students who enrol on a full time programme of study at De Montfort University, Leicester Campus (“DMU”).
  2. Alumni who  successfully refer family or friends to study at DMU who meet the criteria contained in these terms and conditions (“Referred Students”), are eligible to receive an award under the Scheme.
  3. The Scheme will make payment of £500 to an Alumnus if an enrolment application by the Referred Student results in their enrolment at DMU for a period of at least one academic term.


Who the Scheme is open to

  1. The Scheme is open to Alumni who completed their course of study at DMU on a full-time basis.
  2. The Scheme is not open to Alumni who studied at DMU on a part-time basis, through a franchise arrangement or by way of distance learning, or are current employees, agents or contractors of DMU.
  3. “Agents” includes those acting in an agency capacity or arrangement and those agents who generate income from identifying potential international students and facilitating their application and enrolment at education institutions.
  4. The Referred Student must be an overseas fee-paying student and a national or resident of Korea, Taiwan, Nigeria, India or Brazil who has not previously studied at DMU, or on any franchised or distance learning course outside of the United Kingdom, or at an institution that has any form of progression agreement with DMU.
  5. The Referred Student must apply for enrolment during the September/October 2017 or January 2018 entry.


How to make an application under the Scheme

  1. The Referred Student will apply to DMU to enrol for a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught or research programme using the standard procedure for international students.
  2. The Scheme application must be completed by an Alumnus and submitted with the Referred Student’s application to enrol.  If the Scheme application is submitted separately from the Referred Student’s enrolment application, it will not be linked to the application and it will not eligible to be processed under the Scheme.
  3. If the Referred Student makes their application online, the Scheme application form should be submitted or attached at the same time as their application.
  4. The Referred Student must apply directly to DMU, not through an Agent, quoting their name and UCAS number.
  5. Students who make an application through UCAS must submit a copy of the Referral form completed by their Alumnus friend or family member to within a week of submitting their application.


Conditions for the processing of an application under the Scheme

  1. The programme must be studied on a full-time basis.
  2. The programme must be up to  one year in duration, which will include postgraduate programmes.
  3. The Referred Student must successfully enrol at DMU and remain on the programme for the first academic term.
  4. At the end of the first academic term, the Referred Student must not be indebted to DMU in any way whatsoever or subject to any disciplinary procedure, including relating to academic matters.
  5. The Alumnus must not be in dispute with, or be indebted to, DMU.
  6. An Alumnus may make any number of applications under the Scheme per academic year, but will only be eligible to receive one award.
  7. Awards are made to Alumni on a first-come first-served basis.
  8. If a Referred Student is referred by more than one Alumnus the first successful referral will be rewarded.
  9. Payment of the award will be made to an Alumnus after the Referred Student has completed their first academic term of study.
  10. Bank details of successful Alumni will be requested prior to confirmation of payment of an award.
  11. The award of £500 to an Alumnus per successful application under the Scheme includes all applicable taxes.
  12. DMU reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the Scheme at any point.



How to apply
How to apply

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Country information

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