English for Tourism and Leisure Purposes

Entry requirements: IELTS 4.0 or equivalent
Course length: Four weeks
Max class size: 15
Classroom hours per week: 20

Minimum age: You must be at least 18 years of age prior to commencing the course.

This course is for groups only. Businesses and organisations can find out more about this course by contacting: 

E: englishlanguage@dmu.ac.uk

Course aims

Tourism and leisure is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the world today. In response to the ever-growing demand for qualified English-speaking professionals, we have designed an intensive practical course in English for Tourism and Leisure Purposes (ETLP).

The course trains you to respond quickly and politely in high-pressure situations. In the tourism and leisure industries cultural sensitivity and awareness is vital and so we also work on a range of activities to help improve your awareness of important international cross-cultural issues, alongside the opportunity to practice the language skills you need in a real work situation.

English study support

You will be placed in small classes, giving you plenty of direct contact with your tutors. Our qualified tutors have taught English for many years, in many different countries (China, Russia, Libya, UK and many others).

You will be well looked after by our Centre support team from the moment you arrive. You will live in a homestay, so you can experience typical British life in the UK and improve your English outside class. Or you can opt for accommodation in our high quality University Halls of residence.

The team also arranges sight seeing trips so you can enjoy all of the attractions that the UK has to offer!

We offer a full range of technical support, from our audio-visual classrooms to our computer lab and the Kimberlin Library.

Sample Timetable

English for Tourism and Leisure Purposes
Monday Describing hotel facilities Lunch English Grammar
Tuesday Making and confirming reservations Lunch English
Wednesday Dealing with the business traveller Lunch Social activity
Thursday Dealing with complaints Lunch Pronunciation workshop
Friday  Organising tours Lunch Role-plays
Saturday and Sunday

Organised trip or Free time

British Council Accredited

In 2008, The Centre for English Language Learning (CELL) was granted British Council Accreditation.   

For more information contact CELL:

E: englishlanguage@dmu.ac.uk

How to apply
How to apply

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Country information
Country information

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