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Commercial, Industrial and Business English

Whether you work in business, industry, the health service, the armed forces or the academic world, being able to communicate effectively and represent your own opinions, initiatives and plans in fluent English can be vital to your success.

English language commercial courses

We have recently successfully delivered courses to a wide range of clients, from teaching business to scientists from closed nuclear cities in the former Soviet Union to training English teachers from China and pilots from the Kuwaiti military.

Note: the above are just examples of courses we can offer.

Tailor-made English language commercial courses

We are also able to design and deliver tailor-made English language training courses which aim to fulfil your unique needs whether you are an individual professional, private company, multi-national company, public organisation or a service industry.

Note: the above are just examples of courses we can offer.

Clients who have benefited from our custom and tailor made English language courses include the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI), Pepsi-Co, the Ministry of Defence, Boots the Chemist, Leicester City Football Club and BAE Systems.

British Council Accredited

In 2008, The Centre for English Language Learning (CELL) was granted British Council Accreditation.   

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