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For your stay at De Montfort University you can choose the type of accommodation that suits you best.

Student Halls of Residence
These are for students who are alone and want to live with other students in a friendly, supportive environment. In a flat of 4 – 6 bedrooms you will have your own bedroom, but will share the kitchen, bathroom and living room with the other students and make your own cooking arrangements.

This is advantageous if you want to practise your English with other British students and experience the British way of life. Be warned that most students drink alcohol and a lot of the social life is based around going to pubs and bars, so if you don’t drink, you may not feel comfortable with this. See Accommodation for prices.

Privately Rented Flats or Houses
If you want to live with your partner, family or a group of friends, you can rent a flat or house with furniture and you can choose if you want to live close to the university or in a suburb further away. In this case it is easy to look after your family, but you will not practise your English and it is more difficult to spend time with English friends. Prices are in the range of £300 - £600 per month and need to be negotiated with the landlord.

Homestay Accommodation
This is normally organised for groups of students and not individuals. The S & A Accommodation agency is not owned by De Montfort University, but is private and you need to make your own arrangements with them. Prices are from £120 per week including food and laundry. Email the CELL office on for details of the contact number of the co-ordinator.

Excursions and Leisure Activities

There is a full programme of excursions and leisure activities that you can take part in while you are studying. There are day trips to London and other cities and places of interest that are organised regularly throughout year and the cost is between £20 and £50. Student Services will send emails about future trips, so look out for them. CELL will also be some trips for students on the Intensive General English Course for example a trip to local museums or Richard the Third exhibition. You will be asked to pay for any entrance fees, which may be between £5 and £10. Details will be given in class by the teachers.

How to apply
How to apply

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Country information

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