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The School of Humanities is made up of Creative Writing, English Literature, English Language and History. 

We offer excellent teaching that is underpinned by world-class research, ensuring tutors are working at the cutting-edge of developments in their subject.

We offer the following undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Humanities, listed with their IELTS requirements and 2019 tuition fees:

 Undergraduate courses IELTS Fees*
Creative Writing BA (Hons) 6.0 £13,250
Creative Writing and Drama BA (Hons) 6.0 £13,250
Creative Writing and Film Studies BA (Hons) 6.0 £13,250
Creative Writing and Journalism BA (Hons) 6.0 £13,250
Education Studies BA (Hons) 6.5 £13,250
Education Studies with French BA (Hons) 6.5 £13,250
Education Studies with Mandarin BA (Hons) 6.5 £13,250
Education Studies with Psychology BA (Hons) 6.5 £13,250
Education Studies with Spanish BA (Hons) 6.5 £13,250
English BA (Hons) 6.0 £13,250
English Language BA (Hons) 6.0 £13,250
English (Joint Honours) BA (Hons) 6.5 £13,250
English Langauge and Journalism BA (Hons) 6.5 £13,250
English Language with Languages BA (Hons) 6.0 £13,250
English Language with Media BA (Hons) 6.0 £13,250

English Language with TESOL BA (Hons) 

6.0 £13,250

History BA (Hons)

6.0 £13,250

History  and International Relations BA (Hons)

6.0 £13,250

History and Politics BA (Hons)

6.0 £13,250

History with Languages BA (Hons)

6.0 £13,250

*Undergraduate tuition fees per year. All undergraduate humanities courses are 3 years in duration and start in September.

 Postgraduate courses  IELTS Fees
Creative Writing MA 6.5 £13,600
 Education Practice MA 6.5 £13,600
 English MA 6.5 £13,600
 English Language Teaching MA 6.5 £13,600
 History MA 6.5 £13,600

Sports History and Culture MA (Online only)

6.5 £13,600

All postgraduate humanities courses are 1 year in duration and start in September.

Entry requirements

To check the entry criteria for your country, visit or email us at 

If you do not meet the English language criteria, you may want to consider joining a DMU pre-sessional English course before you begin your studies.


How to apply

Step 1
Download a free application form. Undergraduate students can also apply via the Universities and colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) using the UCAS Institution Code: DEM/D26.

Step 2
Prepare the following documents:

  • A copy of your qualifications
  • A copy of your English language certificate  
  • A copy of your passport
  • 1 reference for undergraduate study/ 2 references for postgraduate study

Step 3
Return your application and documents to the International Admissions Office at


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How to apply
How to apply

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Country information

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