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Spiritual support

DMU recognise that faith and spirituality can be an important part of our identity. Faith can support a sense of community on campus and can help us to face the challenges of life. DMU OpenFaith allows students of all faiths and none to explore spirituality and to engage with others with mutual respect.

As part of Healthy DMU, OpenFaith encourages you to connect with others to celebrate our diverse community and discover common ground.

OpenFaith related activities will be available all year round and will consist of a range of events from online meetings to masterclasses that focus on your health and wellbeing as well as supporting your growth and personal development. 

DMU students have access a variety of Openfaith events and spaces including the Prayer Rooms, Chapel and Breathing Space. There are opportunities for quiet reflection and group prayer.

You can also access support via diverse team of Faith advisors who can offer 1:1 support regardless of your faith and beliefs. To find out more visit