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On your marks

Welcome to DMU. As a new starter we wish to provide you with information that we think will be useful for you before you start on day one.

As a member of staff you might be interested in our staff benefits that you are entitled to all of which is covered in this section.

Once you have started with DMU and you have received your login, you will have access to the staff pages that provide you with the latest information and exciting news about what is happening at DMU.

In anticipation of your start please use the links below that can help you gain a better understanding of the Higher Education sector, information about DMU including benefits and you can also get to know more about our historic city.

New to DMU

If you are new to De Montfort University you will find links to some useful information on this page. This will give you an idea of what the university is passionate about, its direction of travel  as well as some of the exciting work that is taking place for students and staff. 

New to Higher Education

If you are new to the Higher Education sector, you might be wondering what it has to offer. There are numerous benefits to working at a university, including opportunities for personal development, and the satisfaction of being involved in a progressive and diverse institution. Below are a collection of videos produced by BUFDG to better explain, among other things, what universities are, what they do, the challenges they face, and the thinking that goes behind some of the decisions that are made.

New to Leicester

If you are new to Leicester you may find this section useful to know about our university and our city. In this section you can watch some videos and view interactive maps to help you navigate around our historic city.