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New to DMU

Welcome to DMU! This section aims to give you a range of useful information before you start your new role with us and offers you an insight into our university.

These pages are regularly updated with news and events as well as giving information on our structure of Faculties and Directorates and our governance. There is also a fascinating section tracing our history back to medieval times and bringing us right up to date with details of our £136  million pound campus development! We think this is a good place to start and then navigate your own way around the rest of our DMU site according to your specific interests.

Equality and Diversity

At DMU, we believe that everyone should have the freedom to be, the freedom to inspire and the freedom to succeed. In 2016, we launched our game-changing charter ‘DMUfreedom’, with the premise that all our staff and students be afforded the respect, inspiration, space and support to reach their full potential. Through DMUfreedom, we seek to advance equality and diversity at DMU through our ambitious set of game-changers and equality objectives, to ensure DMU is a diverse and friendly place to study and work, where everybody feels the freedom to be, to inspire and to succeed.

Health, safety and wellbeing

De Montfort University is committed to providing a place of work where employees are confident that their health, safety and welfare at work is considered to be of the utmost importance at all times. The univeristy is also committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for others who may be affected by its activities such as students, contractors and visitors to the university.

History of DMU

De Montfort University (DMU) is a dynamic institution with a long and vibrant history of improving people’s lives through education.


#DMUglobal is an international experience programme for De Montfort University students, which aims to enrich studies, broaden cultural horizons and to develop key skills valued by employers. Through #DMUglobal, the university offers a wide range of international opportunities.


#DMUlocal utilises the commitment, expertise and enthusiasm of De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) staff and students who are dedicated to fulfilling the university’s commitment to benefit the public good. Launched in November 2015, #DMUlocal continues the hard work of the multi-award-winning DMU Square Mile initiative, which provides student volunteers with unique experiences in Leicester and beyond. 


"There can be few projects making more of a difference to people’s lives than the DMU Square Mile India project.
Flood-risk homes are being rebuilt, children are getting an education that would otherwise be denied them, people are getting tests that are improving their hearing and youngsters are getting dance and drama lessons."


#DMUworks is the university’s ambitious programme to ensure our students are work-ready in a competitive and global jobs marketplace.

Sustainability and travelling to DMU

The links below provide information on discounts on staff travel and the support we provide for staff members who are looking to travel by more sustainable means.

Strategic Plan

De Montfort University’s Strategic Plan sets down clearly what we want to achieve in this five-year period, and how we will do it. The Framework will inform everything we do as a university, and has been created through consultation across our community. DMU will be the definition of a 21st-century global university by evolving naturally the work we do well now – by increasing our commitment to the public good and extending our international reach, through teaching and learning that transforms people, and by challenging conventions where we see they inhibit positive change. We will build on our reputation for creativity, integrity, diversity and equality. Our vision is to continue to raise the aspirations and achievements of our students and our city through social, physical and economic development.


Clearing is a process managed by UCAS that gives students the opportunity to find a course at university if they haven’t managed to secure one.

Open Days​

We are always looking for staff to volunteer to work at Open Days; being involved in events like these will provide you with a great opportunity to have a go at something new and meet people from other faculties and directorates. 

Leadership at DMU

Board of Directors/ VC office/ Exec board  Directorates/faculties


#DMUStaffSocialCommittee provide staff with the opportunity to get involved in social activities that includes events and trips, want to know more?