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Workplace induction

Please use this checklist to guide you through your workplace induction if you are a new member of staff:

DMU Induction Checklist

This checklist may also be used if you are:

  • Bank/casual staff
  • Contractors
  • Frontrunners
  • Honorary/visiting staff
  • Some part-time hourly paid lecturing staff on limited contracts
  • Staff volunteers (e.g. graduation)
  • Work experience visitors

Guidance for Line Managers

The following checklist can be used by line managers to guide new starters through local induction arrangements:

Managers' guide to inducting new employees word

On your marks
On your marks

The 'On your marks' section of Essential DMU is an information area for new starters.

Get set
Get set

The 'Get set' section of Essential DMU covers your workplace induction at DMU.


The 'Go' section covers the period between the end of your workplace induction and the end of your probation.