Staff communications

As you're starting at DMU, it's important to understand how the university will communicate with you, and how you can communicate with the university.

Communications to staff are managed by the Internal Communications (IC) Team, based in Heritage House. They manage a range of channels, and allow you to feed your ideas back to the executive board.

Staff intranet

DMUconnect - the staff intranet pages - should pop up every morning when you log in to your computer, or go to: They are updated daily with news and are a great resource for your time at DMU.

The pages include discounts, information about campus transformations, resources to help you in your daily work, news from the Vice-Chancellor, development opportunities and much more.


Cascade is a monthly briefing which runs down all the latest news from the executive board and is sent to line managers to 'cascade' to their teams. It is available on the website, but is designed to be delivered face-to-face, or in team meetings. If you haven't received a Cascade briefing, ask your manager.


When we have an important announcement we will send an email to all staff, under the Internal Communications banner. 

Internal briefing notes

Internal briefing notes (IBN) are sent to communicate complex issues to all of our staff in an effective manner. IBNs assist the reader to understand the issue communicated at a glance, and to focus on the key points to take away.

Digital screens and notice boards

The IC team manage all the digital signage across the university. Information about how to request a message on these screens is available on the marketing toolkit pages. Plasma screen design will need to be booked in advance with the Brand and Corporate Marketing team.

How can you get involved?

These are your communications, we rely as much on staff contributions to Cascade and the staff pages as you do on 'top-down' communications. If you would like to contribute to the staff pages or Cascade, or have any queries about staff communication, please contact the IC Team.

On your marks
On your marks

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Get set

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