Get set

The 'Get set' section of Essential DMU covers your workplace induction at DMU. The workplace induction takes place during the first four weeks of you joining DMU (or an existing member of staff transferring to a different area of the university), and the aim is to assist you to perform effectively in your job role and within your new work environment as quickly as possible.

There are three main sections in Get Set

  • Staff Communications – information from our internal communications team
  • Workplace Induction – induction checklists and guidelines
  • Welcome Event – all new staff are invited to a short event to meet the Vice Chancellor and/or member of our Executive Board

Induction Champions

Induction is a responsibility of your line manager, but to help the overall induction process we have a network of “Induction Champions” across each of our Faculties and Directorates.

Induction champions are volunteers and their exact role will differ according to local circumstances but can include activities such as:

  • Monitoring completion of the induction process and, where necessary, offering a helping hand to staff and line managers.
  • Signpost staff and managers to resources or people who can help.
  • Identifying good practice in induction and sharing it across the University. 
  • Being a friendly face for new staff to talk to – it can be a bit awkward sometimes finding your way in a new organisation/team!

Induction Champions will usually make themselves known to you when you start.

If you are still not sure of anything you can always contact us through and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

On your marks
On your marks

The 'On your marks' section of Essential DMU is an information area for new starters.

Get set
Get set

The 'Get set' section of Essential DMU covers your workplace induction at DMU.


The 'Go' section covers the period between the end of your workplace induction and the end of your probation.