Education 2030

Education 2030 is DMU’s new way of delivering courses, focusing on ensuring the best possible experience for our students. The majority of you joining us in September will study in a ‘block’ mode, focusing on once subject at a time instead of several at once. That means you will be able to focus closely on each subject, absorb and engage with your learning material in more depth, and work closely with your tutors and course mates – meaning your new home at DMU is a supportive and nurturing learning community.

Of course one-size doesn’t fit all, and there will be variations based on the professional requirements of your course. Further details are below, but rest assured we will still ensure you benefit from the same excellent experience, supportive environment, and friendships which last well beyond your time on campus – making university your new beginning.

What are the benefits of Education 2030?

Block learning and teaching offers:

  • Focused learning: It will give you the space to properly focus on and absorb the teaching for each module before moving on to the next.

  • Dedicated teacher contact time: Our tutors will be able to be more responsive to individual student needs – for instance, they can more easily identify where you may need additional academic or wellbeing support.

  • A stronger learning community: An increased sense of a learning community and togetherness with fellow students that you’ll value and thrive in. As a result of the focused timetables, you’ll have fewer barriers to attend all classes and scheduled learning.

  • Regular assessment and quicker feedback: Assessment marks and feedback will be returned to you following each block. This means that rather than having to retain knowledge of multiple modules and then revisit them for the summer assessments, you will be assessed more regularly and receive faster feedback.

  • Achieving better outcomes/grades: There is evidence from other universities that this model improves student progression and learning outcomes.

  • Supports study life balance and wellbeing needs: The focused block approach also allows you to fit your learning and better manage your wellbeing needs around your other life commitments. Block classes means that students have more time for work, social life, caring responsibilities, sport, and everything else that’s important to you.

  • More opportunities to develop your skills: The block approach will increase the opportunities available to you to develop wider skills including entrepreneurial, wellbeing and life skills.

How block model teaching works

We explain how our Education 2030 student-centered block model teaching approach works, and how it will help you take the right steps to graduate success.