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Researcher Development Programme

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) require all research degree students in the UK to come out of their degree not just with their PhD, but also a set of skills, capabilities and capacities to help them in their professional lives thereafter. There is an expectation of at least 10 days of developmental activity for full-time students (pro rated for part-time students) over and above their PhD-related training. The Researcher Development Framework sets out the four domains in which capabilities are required:

Domain A: Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities (knowledge and techniques to do research)

Domain B: Personal Effectiveness (personal qualities and approach to be an effective researcher)

Domain C: Research Governance and Organisation (knowledge of standards/ requirements)

Domain D: Engagement, Influence and Impact (knowledge and skills to work with others/ ensure wider impact of research)

The DMU Doctoral College will be offering a host of developmental opportunities in line with these requirements.  Further information, including dates and times, will be circulated in due course by email to your student account.

There are three compulsory elements on the Doctoral College programme:

-        Doctoral College Induction

This event provides you with the opportunity to learn a bit more on what the research degree entails, meet key individuals (including the Pro Vice Chancellor for Research, the Faculty Heads of Research Students, and Doctoral College staff), get to know the various services and support functions available to you, and network with your peers, starting their research degrees at the same time as you. There will be opportunities to look through stalls from various support functions across the University. The main session will include opportunities for you to interact with each other, and key other individuals, and we will finish the day with a historical tour of the campus.

-        Research Ethics available via Blackboard - COMING SOON

-        English Language Training (where applicable) – Wednesday every two weeks from 2/10/19, 11.00 – 13.00 in Gateway House 3.31 (NB venue will change after 9/10/19 to Mill Studios 0.20).

You can book onto the Doctoral College Induction and other courses by using our Eventbrite page here

If you require any further information please email