Student travel

We are committed to creating an environmentally friendly campus, and ensuring our students can get to DMU safely and sustainably.

As such, our Travel Plan provides information about how students can access the campus via public transport, walking, cycling or car sharing (although no student parking is available).

For more information on specific forms of transport to DMU please follow the links on the left.


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Planning Your Journey to DMU

Visit the Choose How You Move website for travel information in Leicester and Leicestershire. Explore the possible options now and see what a difference it could make to your travel around the county


Phase Four Travel Plan

Read about Phase Four of DMU's Travel Plan.


Travel Plan Progress Report

Travel Plan Meeting Minutes

Read about our Travel Plan and what we have achieved to date.  

Furthermore, take a look at our Travel Action Plan for Phase 4 of the Travel Plan, detailing specific actions and initiatives aimed at helping us to achieve our goals. 


Travel Survey Report 2016

DMU recently canvassed staff and students regarding their transport habits, read about the results of the survey.