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Other frequently asked questions


When do I get my student ID?

If you’ve completed online registration and submitted a photograph, your ID card will be given to you at your registration event on either Saturday 23, Sunday 24 or Monday 25 September. Refer to your Induction Week schedule to find out exactly when and where you should go.

When do I get my timetable?

During induction week (as long as you have completed registration) your personal timetable will be made available to you online via our student portal MyDMU. You will be able to view all the activities (such as lectures, tutorials or lab sessions) that you are required to attend through the year in time for the start of teaching on Monday 2 October.

Where can I see the latest student information?

Once you have registered you will receive emails from Internal Communications to your personal DMU email address. Before then and throughout your time at DMU, information is replicated on the student pages of our website and across our social media platforms, FacebookTwitterInstagram,YouTube and Snapchat.

How can I find out about disability or mental health support?

The Disability Advice and Support team and Mental Health Inclusion team offer guidance to ensure that students can fully participate in their chosen course and the university experience. We encourage students to inform us about a disability or medical condition as early as possible so that relevant support can be arranged. For general advice about accessible places in Leicester and elsewhere, visit

Can I have a vaccination against meningitis and septicaemia?

Meningococcal disease is a potentially fatal condition that can cause meningitis (inflammation of the brain) and septicaemia (blood poisoning). Click here to learn more about the signs and symptoms. Young people can be at particular risk of getting the disease, so a vaccine is available to new university entrants, including international students, if they are a first year entrant and up to 25 years old. If you haven’t already been immunised, the Student Health Centre on campus will be able to provide information and register you. 

How can I join the leisure centre?

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre on campus offers a range of flexible memberships to DMU students. You can join online or at the centre’s reception desk. Find out about the membership options here and take a look around in this video. Its outstanding facilities include a swimming pool, gym, climbing wall and eight-court sports hall, along with fitness classes and personal training.

How do I join a sports club or society?

On Thursday 28 September, DMU’s sports clubs and societies will fill the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre hoping to recruit new starters. Sign up, take part in taster sessions and be part of something memorable.

What do I need to bring for my course induction?

Your faculty will be in touch with you via email or post to let you know what you will need.

When do I get my student email?

Once you have registered with your faculty and have your ID (p number), you can log into myDMU and access your email address. Watch out for the weekly DM2U newsletter in your student email.

How do I find out my username and password?

Your username is your p number (e.g. p12345678) and your password is your date of birth written as dd/mm/yy. Once you’ve registered and accessed myDMU for the first time you should change your password.

How can I get my DMU email on my mobile phone?

DMU email is provided by Microsoft Office 365, so follow the same process as adding an Outlook account. If you have any issues email

Is there anybody I can talk to regarding funding for my course?

Pop in to talk to our Student Finance and Welfare Team in the Student Gateway at Gateway House from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. Alternatively contact us by phone on +44 (0)116 2577595 or email

I’m trying to set up a student bank account and they need a letter from the university. Where can I get this?

UCAS is now providing a verification service for banks so that you no longer require a letter. UCAS will have issued a reference number to you by email that your chosen bank can use instead of a letter. However, the bank may still request a letter from your university confirming you are a student. You can get this letter from the Student Gateway in Gateway House from the Wednesday of Freshers' Week onwards, providing you have fully registered.

I have a question about university accommodation

The most frequently asked questions about university-sourced accommodation are answered here. If you have a query that is not listed please email the Accommodation Office

I need a certificate to show that I am a student for council tax purposes

In general we will send notification to the local authority confirming you are a student at DMU, so you are not likely to need a certificate. The information sent about your home address will be based on the information you provide at registration, so please make sure you keep your address up to date through myDMU or at your Faculty Advice Centre. Your landlord may request a certificate separately; you can get this from the Student Gateway in Gateway House from the Wednesday of Freshers’ Week onwards, providing you have fully registered.

Can I bring my car?

Unfortunately, parking at DMU is very limited as there are no spaces reserved for students. You can find out more about student travel options on the website.

How can I find out more about life at DMU?

If you have any questions about day-to-day life at DMU, employability, exams and more, then take a look at the Ask Us FAQ here or send an email to

If your questions haven’t been answered, contact the Student Gateway – DMU’s one-stop shop for non-academic enquiries, including finance, welfare, mental health, disability issues, career prospects, ID cards, student records and letters.

You can contact them on 0116 257 7595 or email

Alternatively if you’re already living in Leicester, its opening times in Gateway House are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

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