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We’re always looking to improve the student experience at DMU. Following your feedback, we’re working on enhancing the print service we provide to you.

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Working with our print supplier Ricoh, we’ve installed 90 new devices with improved functionality - meaning that you can print more efficiently for less. Not only that, you’ll be able to print to any of these new machines across the university.

Your new Student Print solution will be rolled out across campus this week so please be aware that there may be some disruption to printing availability during this transition period.

Any previous printing credit you’ve added to your account will be carried over to the new system.

How are we making things cheaper?

Our new solution brings the added benefit of cheaper printing for you. When you load up your student card, you’ll find your credit will now go much further.

See the table below for our new printing prices:


A4 paper

A3 paper

Black and White copy

1p per page (previously 4p)

2p per page (previously 8p)

Colour copy

3p per page (previously 15p)

6p per page (previously 30p)

This new lower pricing model will replace the £5 printer credit you would have received previously. As you’ll be paying at least 75% less on each page printed, the overall savings to you will still be significant*. All our machines have been standardised, so if you can use one you can use them all. Each new machine has the capability to print, scan and copy and all of them can print colour and A4/A3.

Mike Mayes, Vice President Media and Communications at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) commented: “We talk to students a lot at DSU and we know that the cost of printing has always been a challenge, so we’ve been working with DMU to get some better and cheaper printers. This combined with our work to move dissertations online, increase online-only submissions and loads of other projects designed to save students money means that we can focus more on our academics and help you get the most out of your time here.”

You’ll find helpful information to get you started at each printer. At the start of term, staff will also be based at the busiest printers to help you in person.  As always, the Library staff and the ITMS service desk will be on hand to help too. 

Keep an eye on the student webpages and your email for more information.

 *If you’d like to find out more about the new pricing model, please email ITMSservicedesk@dmu.ac.uk

Posted on Wednesday 20th September 2017

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