Recreational sport

If competitive sport isn’t your thing, there are plenty of recreational sporting opportunities that students can get involved with instead.

DMUsport is committed to providing the following recreational sports provision and promises the students at the university to: 

  • Help you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle
  • Manage students physical and mental wellbeing
  • Provide exceptional sporting opportunities for all, no matter what your race, religion, gender or sexuality
  • Allow students to develop new skills
  • Provide excellent sporting facilities for students to utilise
  • Support students in enhancing their employability


DMUactive is a daily programme of free recreational sports opportunities for students to become physically active alongside their studies. The main aims of the programme are to encourage students to get involved, volunteer, learn new skills and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Sessions are FREE and run throughout the academic year; all you need to have in order to participate is your DMU Student Card! You can turn up and attend a session once or go back to the session every week; it is up to you as all DMUactive sessions have no commitments. It is a great way to try new sports and keep healthy whilst studying at DMU.

The DMUactive sessions are delivered by 26 student activators and 3 coaches, who cover a wide variety of sports so there definitely will be a session for you! Sessions predominantly take place at DMUs Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre and Watershed Facility.

See below for the current DMUactive timetable or click here :


For more information contact DMUactive on

And make sure to follow our social media accounts for updates on the programme!

Facebook:  DMUactive

Twitter: @DMUactive

Instagram: @DMU_active


Active Leagues

Active Futsal League

Day / Time : Wednesdays between 4pm-8pm

Location : The Watershed

Price to enter : £20.00 per team (deposit)

The DMUactive Futsal league returns this year with 12 teams taking each other on in a league format over terms 1 and 2. There is one fixture each week with half an hour games.

For more information or to register your team, please contact

Active Football League

Day / Time : Wednesday 2:30pm-4:30pm

Location : Victoria Park

Price to enter : £100.00 per team (deposit)

The DMUactive Football league is being launched this year with 8 teams taking each other on in a league format over terms 1 and 2. Each team will receive a bag of balls, bibs, a goal net and cones to be returned at the end of the year in exchange for the £100.00.

For more information or to register your team, please contact  


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