What choices are right for me?

Effective decision-making is a great skill to develop. It can help you as you begin to decide on what your next steps are whatever stage you are at in your career journey. The model below is an example of a decision-making process which can help you understand the different stages. We at DMU can help you as you learn skills associated with making the right decisions for your career ahead.

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Start here

  1. What is the problem or issue you are deciding over? Write down the real issue that you have to make a decision on.
  2. What is the goal you ultimately wish to achieve? Write down the end goal that you aim to achieve
  3. Where are you at right now with this issue? Write down facts, thoughts and feelings of where you are at right now
  4. What options can you choose from currently? List the options open to you and the merits/drawbacks of each
  5. What will you choose to do now? Choose the best option you believe will help you achieve your end goal and plan your next actions

What is the problem or issue you are deciding over? Write down the real issue you have to make a decision on.

How we can help! 

If you require clarification regarding decision-making, we recommend you find out more about services such as careers appointments, guidance within MyGateway, mentoring and business start-up advice. And remember that ‘My Career Builder’ offers a wide range of online e-learning materials on career planning and decision making to help get the best out of you.

 Also remember your personal tutor and how they can help you. We also have a coaching team who can help to give you the confidence and motivation to meet varied demands of university life.

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