Enterprise Placement Year

Applications for the Enterprise Placement Year are now open!

Fancy spending a year starting your own business or trying self-employment?

Instead of an internship or placement with an employer, why not think about setting up your own business or working for yourself.

The Enterprise Placement Year gives you the opportunity to spend the year exploring, researching and planning to start a business or trying self-employment. 

You don’t need to be business minded or have a brand new invention just energy and enthusiasm to develop your start-up skills during the year.

The Enterprise Placement Year is a great way to test your ideas and see how they work in real life.

Key facts

  • Like a normal sandwich year the Enterprise Placement is a 30 credit module towards your 2nd year overall total
  • The placement year costs £650 for Home/EU students.
  • The Enterprise Placement Year will start in July and run for a full 12 months through to June
  • It doesn’t matter what your idea is or how far along with it you might be.  The Enterprise Placement is looking for students with a passion to learn new skills and develop an idea.
  • The success of the year is not just measured around whether you have made any money, but also looks at the skills you have developed along the way
  • The DMU Enterprise Team will be provide support to you throughout the whole year, just like an employer on a traditional sandwich year

What will the year involve?

  • You will need to sign a contract committing to the following:
    • You will be required to work a minimum of 24 hours a week on your business idea.  This will allow you to have part time work to earn an income.  These hours will be logged on a tracking report.
    • Each student on the Enterprise Placement Year will receive a £3,000 bursary to help support them whilst on the scheme. Students are welcome to apply for the scheme as a partnership however the business will only be entitled to one bursary.
    • There will be mandatory workshops that you will need to attend, as well as 1:1 meetings with a business advisor
    • A small bursary will be available for you to access to help with costs such as business cards, marketing, websites, trade shows etc
    • There is an expectation that each student will attend relevant events and workshops at DMU and also externally over the period of the placement, to upskill and increase their knowledge around starting a business.
    • Engage fully with the Enterprise Placement Year and be committed to developing the idea, staying in active contact with the Enterprise Team and notifying them of any queries
    • At the end of the placement year you will be asked to provide:
      • A completed business plan for  the idea including financials
      • Journal containing the full set of monthly tracking reports
      • Written placement report (details will be provided by the faculty placement team)
      • Deliver a 5 minute presentation outlining what has been learnt during the placement year and next steps for the business idea

For more detail about the Enterprise Placement Year please read the terms and conditions

How to apply

  • Firstly visit your placement team in faculty to find out more and whether the Enterprise Placement Year might be a viable option for you
  • The Enterprise Placement Year is a competitive process so you will need to complete an application form through MyGateway outlining your business idea
  • If your application is successful you will be asked to attend a panel interview

For more information please visit or contact your faculty placement team or email enterprise@dmu.ac.uk



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